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Dear Jeff,
My husband and I would like to add our comments and compliments to the many we have seen on your website.
The Frugal Gourmet is and was a special part of our lives and we miss you very much.
All of your books are great - your recipes never fail us.  Your TV show was so enjoyable.  It would brighten
our Saturdays, inspire us to roll up our sleeves and together create something delicious for dinner.  You
have indeed touched our culinary lives.
We wonder what Craig is doing now.  He has a nice way about him and we know he will be successful in life
and an asset to the cooking world.
Know that we miss your smiling face, we will never forget all you taught us, and we are forever inspired in
the kitchen because of you.  We pray you are enjoying a peaceful retirement with your lovely wife,
comfortable knowing you did, indeed, make a difference in the world.
Bill & Carol



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