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For years your cooking shows awakened a love and understanding of cooking for me that I have not seen from any other Chefs. Your sincere appreciation of food as one of the most
wonderful gifts and also a means to draw us together as families and a bridge across cultures is something I will carry with me and share for the rest of my life. Needless to say I still
have all of your books, and use the recipes and essays both with great delight. I had the opportunity to meet you and Craig on two occasions and your warmth and enthusiasm is
genuine. Your understanding of food in culture and history is profound and something sorely missing in todays run of programs. And I rarely watch PBS now at all. I sorely miss
hearing the music begin on PBS Saturday afternoon and settling down to a wonderful show. I enjoy some of the current offerings Ė Iron Chef, Emeril, Good Eats, but they are simply
about the technology of cooking, not the joy, humanity and history of food. In the end, life isnít about cooking, itís about e

Thank you for all you have shared over the years, may there be more to come.

May the freshness of your ingredients equal the vibrancy of your soul.

You are more than medium-rare,




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