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Hey Frug:

I was an air traffic controller at O'Hare airport and got fired during the
1981 strike. With no job,,,I watched a lot of TV and I first saw your show
on WTTW.

I have been a fan ever since and have all your cookbooks. Your shows were
the most informative and entertaining of any cooking shows ever aired. I did
not like the series from San Francisco where you did more talking than
cooking (your interview with the lady that was a "designer" was a snoozer).

But..the overall series was the best TV had to offer. The "Cooking with
Wine" series and cookbook remain my favorites.

By the way.....my favorite recipe and now my 8 year old daughter's as well
is the Ravioli and Bleu Cheese!
I made one small improvement.....MORE GARLIC!!!

I can't believe that none of your programs are aired any longer!

Get back on the tube........be well.


Frank Roman and daughter, Heidi



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