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Oh my GOD!! I can't believe how out of touch I have been!! I had no idea that
Jeff Smith went through all of that!! I thought he was still on PBS!!! I
remember seeing his stuff at Wal-Mart (products he promoted) - Where have I
been?? Online! Ever since we got this darn computer, I am online more, and
not infront of the boob-tube - plus I am back to work full time, so I have
missed alot - but obviously, I was missing more than I thought I was!

First off, I don't believe the alligations - and two - if he did, ....I don't
care!! He can cook, and his presentations were fantastic!! His cookbooks are
the only ones that adorn my kitchen countertops! A place MARTHA STEWART WILL
NEVER BE!! (She  can STAY at Kmart!!)

Isn't it funny how all of this happened right about the time she was gaining
popularity? Hummmm....

Well, the reason I am writing, is because I was looking for a Frugal Gourmet
Official apron for my hubby for Christmas....and I stumbled across your site.
I posted a "want ad" yesterday, before I had the chance to read the "latest
news" about my favorite "chef"....I now realize, the apron I am looking for,
may be a true rare find....but I know my hubby STILL WANTS ONE....I told him
about the "trouble" Mr. Smith faced, and he asked the same thing I did....If
Clinton got to stay in the Whitehouse, why did Jeff Smith have to leave
Wal-Mart and PBS?? I wonder what Mr. Rogers did in the past?! Do you think HE
ever did anything wrong?? Amazing. I will have to go to our library and check
out the video collection, and have hubby get his "Frug Fill" that way....

We do miss him somethin' awful - Too bad we didn't know one of  America's
greatest assets was gone for so long, before we noticed  :(



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