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Dear Jeff,
I have been a fan for many years.  My Mother and I faithfully watched your shows as long as our local PBS station had them on their broadcast schedule, and we had
gifted one another with many of your books.  Mom is gone now, and still I smile when I come across a recipe in her collection with a note (the Frugal Gourmet says...).
While searching for kitchen items to purchase as gifts, I came across this web site.  How wonderful to see your friendly face once again!
Recently I had the pleasure of spending three glorious weeks in Italy.  Rome, Florence, Pisa, Torino to visit with relatives, and Venice.  Long before our trip, I re-read your
Cooks Italian book, and made notes of places to visit, foods to try, wines to sip.  More than once my traveling companion would compliment me on our selection, and I had
to pass the thanks on to your suggestions.
I most loved the cuisine of Florence and Torino.  Truffles are absolutely heavenly, and many of the peasant dishes we sampled in Torino were reminiscent of those made
by my Nonna.
I hope you are well.  I miss you dear friend.
Best Regards,
Cindy G
Greensburg, PA



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