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Dear Mr. Smith:
Echoing the sentiment of so many of the letters I have read on this web site, I can say that of the many souls that have influenced my life through personal contact or
media, yours is one of the most important.  As a young man out on my own for the first time in the late 1980's,  I had no real idea how to cook good food.  One day I
happened to catch your program on PBS and the rest was history for me.  I faithfully tuned in every chance I got.  I began to experiment with food and realized, as you
have taught, that food and life are to be celebrated.  I still do.  You touched my life, as I am sure you have many others, in a way nobody else has.  I was
saddened hearing of the tragic events in your life.  I am sure that, coupled with the difficulty of putting together a new series, we may not see you again on the television,
but please know that, speaking for myself, at least one person is still cooking the way you always taught. I miss you.  Thank you, Jeff.
God Bless.
Robert Cass
Oklahoma City



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