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Dear Jeff:

Like many of your viewers I have spent countless hours watching you on PBS.
Your ability to present food as a celebration of life has inspired me to
venture into the kitchen and enjoy cooking as a passion.  I have
experimented with many of your recipes (mostly Italian) and have augmented
some of my own concoctions with your ideas.

Your appreciation for culture has shed a new light on how many of us
approach the dinner plate.  I so enjoy your excerpts on a region of the
world where a specific dish may have originated as we eagerly await the
follow through to the preparation of the meal.  One of my absolute favorites
was the show you did from Italy on Parmesan Regiana.  To this day I like
nothing more than enjoying some of that wonderfully flavorful cheese with a
good Cabernet or Chianti.

Your encouragement of family in the kitchen has inspired me to include my
two daughters in my preparation of pasta sauce on Sunday mornings.  It helps
me to bond with them during the weekends that I am with them.

You are a most wonderful human being, bringing culture, education, kindness
and you love for the marriage of humankind and food to all of us.  Your
emphasis on your own family and the sponsoring of the career of Craig
Wholers (I hope I spelled that correctly) consistently displays your
selfless desire for goodness and the promotion of brotherhood and family

I want to express my most sincere desire for you and your family to shoulder
this most difficult time knowing the love and support that emanates from so
many of us who miss you and eagerly await your return to television.

To those who choose prejudice as their guide I say "Judge Not Lest Ye Be

Hurry back, we miss you.


Frank D. Morgigno


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