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Dear Friend Jeff Smith
  I read the court document that charged you and Patti and your
production companys and had a difficult time with them.  Its so hard for
me to believe that could be true.  I also was charged (not legally) by
my own twin sister of molesting her son.  She was right in the room with
me at the time, and 15 other people also.  I will never forget and am
having a real hard time forgetting the hurt and pain.  We have tried to
work it through but its very difficult.  I don't know if any of the
allegations are true or not, but I do know this, I support you all the
way and would love to have you back on T.V.  I grew up watching you and
loved and enjoyed you so much.  So down to earth and so excellent at
teaching the art of cooking.  I believe cooking is an art that is GOD
given.  And you are the best.  Would love to see Craig again also.  My
love and best wishes.  Have you considered a Web Site.  Please don't
give up, the road would be rough but with GOD's help you can make it.
Yours In Christ, Bob



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