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I have watched your program for many years and have enjoyed so many of the
recipes that you have shown.  I think the one that stands out in my mind
the most was for the Peking Duck that was "blown up" with a bicycle pump
and suspended with a fan blowing on the carcass.  I was having so much fun
watching this and giggling that my husband came running to see what was
wrong with me!

Tonight I watched Emeril doing a Moroccan show.  He was making the
preserved lemons.  That reminded me of one of your cook books and set me to
thinking.  I hope that these e-mails are truly getting to you as I would
like you to know I was a follower of yours for many years and have all but
one of your books.  Thank you for being there to show me that it's not as
difficult as I thought.

I hope you realize how many people are still your fans and miss your
smiling face.

Warm wishes to you, Patty and the boys.

Barbara in Maryland

ps  I made your chicken stock this week!



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