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Dear Mr. Jeff Smith a.k.a. The Frugal Gourmet


Since you fall in the heading of my Top 25 Chefís in the World, I would like to include you in a book
I am currently working on.

The premise is "Culinary Disasterís"

I am approaching all 25 Chefís (Presently 3 have agreed) and asking each of them if they would be so
kind as to relate a funny, disastrous cooking experience. If there happens to be more than one, please
feel free to share them all.

I will in turn write up the disaster, attach the recipe and if possible, include a picture of the meal.

I truly feel the public would be interested in such a book, as I myself have had some nightmares,
when guests have arrived expecting a masterpiece.

I realize this might be time consuming, but if you would find some time to either email me a
condensed version or send me something on a cassette tape, or time and money willing, I would meet
you personally, I would be forever grateful. Perhaps you might be visiting Toronto, Ontario Canada
as well.

As an aside. You might be thinking, "I cannot let the public be aware of any cooking disaster", Hog
wash, I say. I truly believe the public would find it very endearing.

I also foresee this book as being a wonderful dinner conversation piece.

Your contribution would entail me listing your Bio, any cookbooks written by yourself and
mentioning any web site you might currently have. All this would be included in your own chapter of
the book.

I do have a deadline and will await your reply either way.


Beatrice Lembo

1151 Stouffville Rd

Richmond Hill, Ontario


L4E 3S2




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