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Hello Mr Smith, I "am" one of your biggest fans and I have most of your cook books, I taped many of your programs only to play them back to get the many tips & tricks
of the trade.  I was watching you for many years & credit you with my current passtion with food.  I am sorry to see your progem removed from TV, only to be re-placed
by the frauds like Emeril Live and there many liknesses.  They have nothing on you & I credit "you" for my love of cooking.  Which leads me to a questions,  I have 2
great passtions in life, first is my family, secound is food (which you have taught me).  how do I fallow my passion for food & not give up my passion for my family?  My
e-mail address is kcilgp@buffnet.net.  Thank you. & god bless (as you said many times).  I pray to see you on TV again some day.
Patrick Glick
Tonawanda, NY


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