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I do not-nor will I ever believe the allegations brought against THE FRUG.I
miss him terribly.His show was educational and humorous.I have a copy of
the cookbook he put out when he was running The Chaplain's Pantry-printed
1977.The recipes are written as though he was talking to you.I loved the
show.I have a few episodes on tape.Itzhak Perlman was a scream! I loved the
timely tips:"hot pan,cold oil-foods won't stick."
            "keep fingers under when using knives."
I wish the people at The Food Network would get wise and air his shows.I
hope his health is good.I'd love to see a new show-or some sort of
collaborative effort.HEY FRUG-I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anyone know any
updates?Please e-mail me.Thanks.Tina.



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