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Hello, Frug!

Like many others who have sent emails, I was very pleased to find the web
site and see your famous smile come up first!  And, I also am among the many
that very much miss your show and hope you come back to TV.  I started
watching in the 80's when I was in college, sitting on the floor in my dorm
room watching my roommate's little B & W television.  At first I only
started watching because I was bored with everything else that was on at
noon on Saturdays when there was no football, but then I got hooked,
especially after the first time I tried one of your recipes and it turned
out great!  It was a simple one: steak in the frying pan after having coated
it with a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and salt and pepper.
I'm a history buff and a Christian, and I *really* loved the way you gave
the history of the food and the culture it came from (especially when you
brought in a guest from, or showed video of you and Craig visiting, that
country/culture), and the religious significance that many times was
pertinent.  The Immigrant Ancestor series was my absolute favorite!  I
bought a copy of that book for myself (as well as a couple of the other
ones), and one for a friend as a wedding gift (he's one of my friends who I
introduced to your show, and who's TV I first started watching the show
on!).  I also appreciated your encouragement for families to pass down the
recipes and the history lessons that went along with them.

I remember going to a church dinner with another friend who I introduced to
the show, and he grabbed a basket of food and shook it and did his Frug
impression, "Look at this!  Isn't this gorgeous!"  It was a hoot!  Needless
to say, I had never seen someone so enthusiastic about food as you, and
enthusiasm is contagious.  Your show was by far the best cooking show ever.

Will close for now.  I hope to see you back on the air one day, and until
then, I bid you peace.
Patrick Daly



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