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In Thoren's Family Tree


Generation One

ROGER TOLLE1. The earliest known ancestor in my Tolle family was Roger Tolle. It isn't known when or where he was born, but assuming he was of age when he arrived in America, it is estimated he was born 1645 or earlier. Exactly where he came from isn't known either, but on 20 Jan 1663 he was transported by Thomas Mountfort, with 28 other people to Maryland on the ship "Adventure of Hull". He did service, presumably for seven years and then recieved 50 acres of land. His wife's name was Elizabeth, but her maiden name is unknown. She preceeded him in death. The children named in his will were: 1) Thomas; 2) Tobias; 3) John; 4) Mary; 5) Ursula; 6) Tamar: 7) Timothy; and 8) Elizabeth. His name appears often in the records of St Mary's county as jurist, witness, petitioner, plaintiff & defendant. He was a planter, apparently prosperous, and had a large inventory of property at his death, including books and bibles. His will was written 8 Nov 1708 and probated 22 Jan 1709.

Generation Two

TOBIAS TOLLE2. Tobias TOLLE appeared to be the second son of Roger Tolle. His date of birth is unknown. His marriage date is also unknown, but at his death his wife was named Rebecca. He probably died in early July of 1729 because an inventory was taken of his estate on 13 Jul 1729. It took several years to go through probate, and by that time Rebecca had remarried to John Williams. Tobias rarely appeared in the records of St Mary' County, and little is known of him. The only known child was Roger Tolle born before 8 Nov 1708.

Generation Three

ROGER TOLLE3. It is known that Roger TOLLE was born sometime before November of 1708 because he was mentioned in his grandfather's will, but we don't know how old he was when the will was written. He was the son of Tobias TOLLE and Rebecca (maiden name unknown). His wife at the time was called Sary/Sarah. So far there is no data on his marriage but his first child was born about 1735. Roger and Sarah had seven children: 1) Jonathan b ca 1735; 2) John b ca 1737; 3) Ann/Nancy b ca 1740; 4) Roger Jr b 4 Feb 1742; 5) Stephen b est 175?; 6) George b est 175?; 7) James b ca 175?. Roger had a house that he built on the outskirts of St Mary's City. The ruins were uncovered a few years ago, and can be seen today, although they are deteriorating rapidly. In 1767 Roger sold his house to Moses Tabb and moved to Fauquier County, Virginia. where he purchased 100 acres from Thomas Owsley on 25 May 1767. His will was written on 2 Feb 1778 and probated 22 May 1780. Sarah was living at the time of the will, but died before Sept of 1787, because that is when their heirs sold the land.

Generation Four

GEORGE TOLLE Sr4. George TOLLE Sr is estimated to have been born in the mid 1750s in St Mary's County, Maryland. He was son of Roger TOLLE and Sarah (maiden name unknown). He was probably a child when his parents moved to Fauquier County, Virginia. He can be found in the early census and tax records there. His wife was named Susannah, but nothing else is known of her or their marriage date, except that the first child was born in 1775. They had nine children: 1) John b 1 Oct 1775; 2) Stephen b 14 Aug 1778; 3) George Jr b ca 1782; 4) Elizabeth b bef 1784; 5) Matthias b 11 Jun 1784; 6) Reuben b 11 Jan 1786; 7) Rebecca b ca 1792; 8) Presley b 11 Jan 1792; and 9) Lewis b 25 Aug 1794. Sometime between 1810-1820 George and Susannah moved to Lewis County, Kentucky as did most of their adult children. He died before Chirstmas of 1820, and the inventory of his estate was presented at the January 1821 Court of Lewis County. Susannah lived a few years longer as indicated by tax records, but her death date is unknown.

Generation Five

GEORGE TOLLE Jr5. George TOLLE Jr was born about 1782 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He was the son of George TOLLE Sr and Susannah (maiden name unknown). He married on 20 Jan 1807 in Fauquier County, Virginia to Cloe CULVERHOUSE. I have often thought, but cannot prove that he was married at an earlier date 1 Dec 1803 to a Sarah Crupper. George and Cloe had nine childen: 1) Lucinda b 1 May 1808; 2) Susan; 3) Parmenus W.; 4) Nimrod D. b ca 1814; 5) Julia Ann; 6) Ann Mariah b 27 Jun 1818; 7) George Daniel b Jun 1820; 8) Catherine Jane b 2 Sep 1822; and 9) Vienna Elizabeth. George and Cloe moved to Marion County between Aug 1837 & Apr 1836. He died there before 11 Oct 1839 when his probate was entered into court. Cloe died after 1860.

Generation Six

NIMROD D. TOLLE6. Nimrod D. TOLLE was born about 1814 in Fauquier County, Virginia. He was the son of George Tolle Jr and Cloe CULVERHOUSE. On 7 Jul 1834 in Fauquier County, he married Sidney MALLORY. Nimrod and Sidney had eleven children: 1) Elizabeth; 2) George E.; 3) Nathaniel Washington b 5 Oct 1838; 4) Lucy Mallory b Jul 1840; 5) Mary S.; 6) Elthiza; 7) Sarah L.; 8) Nimrod Beverly b 25 Mar 1849; 9) Agnes; 10) Massaretta; 11) Alzada b 3 Apr 1855. Nimrod and Sidney moved to Lewis County, Missouri soon after their marriage and lived there until about 1859 when the moved to Denton County, Texas. From there, he served the Confederacy as Private in Company K, 29 Texas Cavalry. He was in Colonel DeMorse's Regiment. A history says he was killed in Texas by bushwhackers in 1864, and an older relative recalls hearing he had been hung. After his death Sidney moved to Crawford County, Arkansas where she died about 1875, and is buried in the Bryant cemetery in Lee Creek Township, Crawford County, Arkansas.

Generation Seven

NATHANIEL WASHINGTON TOLLE7. Nathaniel Washington Tolle was born 5 Oct 1838 in Lewis County, Missouri. He was the son of Nimrod D. TOLLE and Sidney MALLORY. He married on 29 Aug 1865 at Grapevine, Tarrant County, Texas to Miranda Ellen SHAW. Nathanie and Miranda had 6 children: 1) Emma Ada b 18 Jul 1866; 2) Myrtle Virginia b 25 Apr 1869 (twin); 3) Charles Robert b 25 Apr 1869 (twin); 4) William Martin b 18 Aug 1871; 5) Mack Coy b 23 Jan 1876; and 6) Fredrick Malachi b 23 Dec 1877. Nathaniel served in the Civil War for the Confederacy as Private in Company A, 9th Texas Cavalry & Sim's Regiment 4 Texas cavalry. He was on a list of the first volunteers to leave from Fort Worth at the beginning of that war. After he returned home, the family moved to Arkansas for a few years, and then in the company of his father-in-law William SHAW and some other family members and friends, they came by wagon across the terrible desert to Southern California. They arrived sometime about 1874. Their last two sons were born after they settled there. Nathaniel was a farmer on the West side of Long Beach in a community known then as Los Nietos, on Cerritos Ranch. Nathaniel died 24 Jun 1902 in Long Beach and Miranda died 15 Oct1928 also in Long Beach. They are buried in the Long Beach Memorial Cemetery on Signal Hill in Long Beach, California.

Generation Eight

MACK COY TOLLE8. Mack Coy TOLLE was born 23 Jan 1876 in Bolsa (now Westminster) California. He was the son of Nathaniel Washington TOLLE and Mirand Ellen SHAW. He married on 15 Mar 1899 in Clearwater (now Paramount) California to Daisy Gertrude THORNTON. Mack and Daisy had six children: 1) Lloyd Rollin b 15 Nov 1900; 2) Thelma Iris b 24 May 1902; 3) Leones Lenore b 13 Jul 1903; 4) Walter Brown b 7 Feb 1905; 5) Armon Thornton b 22 Apr 1908; and 6) Thoren Marie born in 1926 and died at age 10 months on in 1927. This is where I got my name. Mack worked in the early 1900s for the Pacific Electric Railroad, and then started his own dairy. He was in that business for many years, but in the late 1930s he began a business of taking the dead animals of the local dairy and hog ranches to the rendering plant. He worked on the day he died at the age almost 71. He passed away on 15 Dec 1946 at his home in Hynes (now Paramount) California. Daisy died on 2 Jan 1954 in Long Beach, California. They are both buried in the Long Beach Memorial cemetery on Signal Hill in Long Beach, California in the same family plot as his parents.

Generation Nine

ARMON THORNTON TOLLE9. Armon Thornton TOLLE was born on 22 Apr 1908 in Bay City (now Seal Beach) California. He was the son of Mack Coy TOLLE and Daisy Gertrude THORNTON. He married on 22 Apr 1908, his 21st birthday, to "Jerre" Oretha Mae JONAS. They were married at the Santa Ana, California court house with both mothers present. At the time of Armon's death, they had been married 55 1/2 years. Armon and Jerre had three children who are living in 1998, and many descendants. Armon was a dairy worker in his early working years, but just before World War Two he began working in the Construction Industry, becoming a crane operator for the remainder of his working days. He retired in 1973 after 30 years. Armon died on 18 Sep 1984 in the UCLA Hospital at Carson, California and Jerre died 14 April 1996 at Queen of Angels hospital in West Covina, California. They are buried in the Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, California.


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