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In Thoren's Family Tree


Generation One

THOMAS MILLSAPS1 Most of what I know about the earliest Millsaps of my line in America comes from Dr Capooth. Thomas MILLSAPS was first found in the records of Augusta County, Virginia. It is thought that he was born in Ireland, and that the name of his wife was Mary. He witnessed a transaction in Augusta County in 1747 and he patented land there in 1749. The first child of Thomas and Mary is believed to have been born in Ireland and the place of birth of the remainder is not known. The children named in his will were: 1) Robert; 2) Thomas; 3) Jean; 4) Elizabeth; 5) Mary; 6) Joseph; 7) Elinor; and 8) William. He died in Augusta County in the year 1860. The exact date is unknown. His will was written 13 Oct 1759 and approved in court 20 May 1760. An inventory was taken 19 Nov 1760.

Generation Two

THOMAS MILLSAPS2 was the son of Thomas MILLSAPS and Mary (maiden name unknown) His date of birth is not known either, or if he was born in Ireland or America. His wife was named Sarah. He left Augusta County, Virginia in 1753 and settled in Rowan County, North Carolina in the part that later became Randolph County. The known children of Thomas & Sarah were: 1) Jean; 2) Matthew; 3) Thomas; 4) Rutha; 5) William; 6) Sarah; 7) Reuben; and 8) Jacob. His death occured sometime between 1802-1804 in Randolph County, North Carolna.

Generation Three

THOMAS MILLSAPS3 son of Thomas MILLSAPS and Sarah (maiden name unknown) was born about 1762 in Rowan County, North Carolina. He married Dorcas or Kezia FULLER, date unknown and they moved to Jackson County, Georgia. Their known children were: 1) Jacob; 2) Fuller; 3) Hiram; 4) Eldridge; and 5) Ezekial b 9 Sep 1800. Thomas died in Jackson County, Georgia in 1829.

Generation Four

FULLER MILLSAPS4 son of Thomas MILLSAPS and Dorcas or Kezia FULLER was born about 1791 in Randolph County, North Carolina. He married Elizabeth STEPHENS, probably in Jackson County, Georgia and their known childen were: 1) Joseph N.; 2) Jasper; 3) Duncan G.C.; and 4) Jackson. Fuller died between 1867-1870 in Monroe County, Mississippi.

Generation Five

JOSEPH N. MILLSAPS5 son of Fuller MILLSAPS and Elizabeth STEPHENS was born about 1827 in Georgia. He married first a woman named Frances (maiden name unknown) and they had four children: 1) Joseph Bascum; 2) Olivia Jane; 3) Jeremiah; and 4) Ida?. Frances died after 1860, and Joseph married again to Mattie Gill on 20 Mar 1866 and they had one more child 5) Jesse born about 1868. Joseph died sometime after 1880 in Etawa County, Alabama.

Generation Six

OLIVIA JANE MILLSAPS6 the daughter of Joseph N. MILLSAPS and Frances (maiden name unknown) was born about 1857 in Groegia. She married about 1874, possibly in Coahoma County, Mississipppi to James Presley THORNTON. About 1888, they moved to Southern California. James and Olivia had eight children surnamed THORNTON: 1) William Walter b ca 1875; 2) Oscar ?; 3) Daisy Gertrude b 5 Mar 1882; 4) Presley C. b Aug 1884; 5) Myrtle b Jul 1887; 6) Susan b Nov 1889; 7) James Leland b Jun 1892; and 8) Roy M. b Sep 1895. The first five were born in Mississippi and the last in California. Olivia died about 1898 in Downey, California. Although there is no stone for her there, she is believed to be the "Mrs Thornton buried with James P. THORNTON in the Downey Cemetery. James went on to marry two more times and died on 17 Sep 1935.


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Sources of Information for the Millsaps Family

  1. The History of the Millsaps, by Dr Luther Wayne Capooth, 1993.