By Lucas & Joel, to help you track hurricanes and

gather info about the ocean - surf, tides, temps, etc..

SEE THE FUTURE!!! well, almost...

(Joel's Lightning Pic)

(Da Torch makes da local paper!) (Da little Torch makes da paper too!)

(TL makes da local paper!)

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(Chris says: Right On!! Give me blondes! Go Otelul Galati!!)

DEMI says... We need surf!

Team Hollow Photo Page

*Accuweather Hurricane Info Page

*National Hurricane Center tropical prediction page

*Hurricane and Tropical Storm tracking page - Pacific / Atlantic

*Caribbean Hurricane Network

*WeatherNet Tropical Page

**The Best Satellite Images Page

*Operational Significant Event Imagery - Very Cool

*Surfline - Live video feeds - Surf Reports

*Orange County Register Ocean Page - Extended surf report\forecast for Orange County

*Custom surf report - Well done... Central coast to San Diego

*California coastal buoy reports - active NOAA and CDIP buoys listed

**Swell direction forecast maps - Up to 144 hrs. forecasting

*So. Cal. swell model

* What kind of swell does your beach like? - So. Cal. only

* Hurricane Names


*Hurricane City - For the East Coast guys

*KABC Doppler7000

*Realtime Doppler Radar Loop for So. Cal.

Animated satellite of West Coast US

*Global Analysis Wave Map

*National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

*Mammoth Mountain Homepage

*Mammoth Lakes Weather page

Bodysurfing Headquarters @

The Surfrider Foundation

*The Alt. Surfing HomePage

The California Museum of Surfing

El Porto Surf Site - Very cool photo section

Surfers Village - Surf News and Cool Pics

*Surf Guru - Another good site for surf resources - mostly East Coast

Surfing in Ireland - and you thought it was cold here...

** Need Gear? Check out FATWEAR online.. The Real Thing!

Surfer Magazine online

SoulSurfing Magazine - Online

*Check out Home of NirveTV

*The Weather Channel Home Page

Interactive Weather Information Network

*Geo-Orbital Earth Satellite Headquarters (GOES)

*The Weather Underground - International goodies...

Divers Alert Network

*Realtime weather data and ski info for Mammoth area

*Earthquake activity in US - Realtime updates

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