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Tony B.'s Web Page

...such as it is... ;-)


This is my fiancee and I. We're having a Y2K Wedding, we're not sure *just* when yet though...


Hi! My name is Tony Baldacci, I'm 41 years old & I live at South Lake Tahoe, California. I work in health care, doing neonatal nursing (and trying to get into graduate school for same...). I don't know much about HTML programming; but I did this site myself - so please be suitably impressed.

Hobbies: I've been doing Renaissance Faires for about 16 years off and on (playing Sir George Carey {1547-1603} as my persona the last few years, also sometimes portraying his father Henry Carey, Baron Hunsdon - who I'm told I have a downright scary resemblance to; or brother Sir John Carey, depending) - originally starting at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in southern California, and now mainly at the Valhalla Renaissance Festival here at Lake Tahoe. (I'll be putting my faire pictures here soon!)

I also belong to the Society for Creative Anachronism in the Shire of Alpensee, in the Principality of Cynagua, Kingdom of the West doing the chirurgeon/medic thing (I also do brewing, herbs, and Appreciative Bardic Listening among others).

My friends: Okay, I'm adding a web page just so people can see pix of the folks I hang out with.

Henry Carey, first Baron Hunsdon - Queen Elizabeth I's cousin through the Boleyn family

I'm still doing Yet More historical research on the Elizabethan period in England (1558 to 1603), and will be adding links to articles & stuff as I dig it up. I'm paying particular attention to the Carey family (and George in particular), for obvious reasons. Click here for what I've got (so far) on George Carey's biography. Many thanks, incidentally, to all those who have written with various helpful comments and tidbits!

Another of my hobbies: I've been engaging in the Play-by-Mail gaming hobby since 1980, there's a link (on my links page) to a good site called TightBeam for information on various games there. (I'm not currently playing anything at the moment...not enough spare time...) And of course, anyone wanting to correspond about Stars!; MicroProse's Civilization II or Master of Orion II is very welcome to drop me a line.

Also, check out Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri game.

I've included some links of friends and groups I'm in (or know people in), I hope you find them of interest. Click here for links. (this page loads a bit faster this way...)

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This page is gonna be under ongoing construction, so comments, suggestions, etc. are welcome.

You can reach me at:

"Having a wonderful time, wish I were here..."

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