ASL for Vampires (In Character)

For now, here are the descriptions of the signs of various Vampire* specific terms. Pictures will follow as I can put them together. Tell us what you think, any changes you'd make, etc. This is a "living" language, after all...

Most signs have a 'polite' form and a 'derisive' form--Camarilla politics being what they are. Players are encouraged to learn whichever ones express their character's opinion of the subject at hand. Eva (or someone)would have taught you these in person--ICly they are not on this or any other page.

---Barbara Mertz, aka Eva Quinn

signs created by Anthony Fuentes (Tetsuo Mawman and Solomon Grundy) and myself

*Vampire: the Masquerade Live Action Role Playing

Links point to a sketch of the sign. Here is a drawing of the basic alphabet so you can get a feel for my style of artistic abilities, or lack thereof.

General Terms

Sire, polite: Use sign for mother/father, exactly at nose level
Sire, derisive: Same sign, wiggling fingers (sticking tongue out optional)

Vitae: letter V tapped inside crook of arm, as if bringing up a vein for blood donation

Ghoul, polite: letter G right hand, interconnected with letter V left hand, similar to 'friend'
Ghoul, derisive: similar sign, simulating oral sex on the V


Malkavian, polite: hold letter M at forehead level, knock on head (insight/telepathy)
Malkavian, derisive: hold letter M at forehead level, side of head. Rotate as if winding up a toy (toys in the attic)

Ventrue, polite: letter V at lip level, as if smoking a cigar
Ventrue, derisive: letter V just above lip level, sticking up nose

Brujah, polite: letter B over heart, held flat like salute at chest level
Brujah, derisive (use at your own risk!): same gesture, beaten at chest like stupid ape

Toreador, polite: letter T bounced at mid chest, like in 'lady' or 'gentleman'
Toreador, derisive: same gesture with limp wrist

Tremere, polite: letter T waved in clockwise circle, as if magic wand
Tremere, derisive: identical to 'toilet'

Gangrel, polite: letter G in each hand, held out to sides as if popping claws
Gangrel, derisive: letter G used to scratch behind ear in exaggerated doglike motion

Nosferatu, polite: letter N held below chin, as in mask
Nosferatu, derisive: letter N held below lip, as in harelip or buck teeth

The following are the rarer clans' signs. Each has only one sign, but none of them are particularly polite.

Setite: letter S waved like a snake

Assamite: letter A, stabbing Psycho-style

Giovanni: letter G rising, as if commanding dead to rise

Ravnos: letter R waving as if beckoning (second hand, R-crossed fingers behind back, optional)

Tzimisce: both hands in T, circling face

Lasombra: L waved/wiggled like a shadow or mirage

Salubri: S held at forehead level, like third eye. Be careful this does not too closely resemble the polite form of Malkavian...

Samedi: S held momentarily at cheek level, then slid down

Daughters of Cacophany: D used to conduct orchestra