Quick Character Creation

Quick character creation for This Damned Town chronicle of In Nomine

Angel character sheet in MS Word
Demon character sheet in MS Word

1. Choose the appropriate character sheet, Angel or Demon. If your guy's just a human, choose according to which side s/he'll be on.
2. Choose as nearly as you can which Choir/Band your character will be from, and which Superior he or she will serve.
3. Fill in the number of Essence, 9 for an Angel or Demon, 6 for a Soldier or other supernatural human, 5 for a mundane human.
4. Divide the Essence among the three columns of Corporeal, Ethereal, and Celestial. Fill in the rim of the circle with the appropriate number of sections.
5. Multiply the number of Essence by 4. Make a note of the result.
6. Use that result to divide among the stats Strength/Agility, Intelligence/Precision, and Will/Perception. In other words, if you put 2 Essence under Corporeal, you have 8 points to spend between Strength and Agility. See table for what ability amount corresponds to how great the ability is.
7. Use the same result to determine how many beginning points you have to spend on Resources. See point cost table, below.
8. (In this chronicle) After each Skill, add the skill level to the appropriate ability. In other words, if you have the skill Climbing at 2 levels, Agility at 5, and Strength at 3, add 2 + 5 and record 2/7 on your character sheet, since Climbing is an Agility-based skill. When your character needs to climb something, he will add 7 to his die roll. Similarly with Songs, add the Song level to the amount of Essence in the relevant column and record song level/level plus Essence.
9. Calculate Hit points.
Calculate Body Hit points by adding vessel level to Corporeal Forces, and multiplying the result by Strength. Non-celestials multiply Corporeal Forces times two and multiply by Strength. Celestials who will interact with the corporeal realm (in this chronicle, all of them) must purchase a vessel, but may purchase more than one.
Calculate Ethereal Hit points by multiplying your Ethereal Forces times your Intelligence
Calculate Celestial Hit points by multiplying your Celestial Forces times your Will.


Anthony includes a list of skills

Here there be Songs i.e. powers with a few modifications and additions for this chronicle.


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