Conan O'Brien, aka GOD

kind of an update...

feb. 24, 2006.
wow. i mean, really. i never expected this site to become what it did. it's been seven years since i updated it... and i finally managed to logon to angelfire and remember the proper password. now now, don't get too excited... i'm not going to start the page up again. i'm just going to clean it up, take out broken links, etc. now, for the moment, there are broken e-mail links all over the place here... if you really want to talk to me contact me via myspace, and i'll get back to you if possible. thank you to the 200,000 plus people who have visted this site!



Conan. A man, a myth, a legend, a comedian, a talk show host, and no less than a god. I've admired him for almost 4 years now, and have obsessed with him for two. I began to worship around April 1997. And now I am a hopeless case.

I'm not the only one. Noooo, nooo, of course not. You can see that through my unbelievable long list of Conan Links. There are many of us. Of course, only I know what? I'm not original in any way. He has been called god, and there are other Conan pages out there ran by girls named Stephanie...I'll go weep quietly in a corner now.

Ready, set, navigate!

my andy website no longer exists but i always loved this banner :)

My name is Stephanie, and this is a fan page (allbeit useless) for Conan O'Brien, the host of "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" weeknights on NBC at 12:37am EST. (smooch smooch. I love you NBC!)god I love these early pictures...that hair...

I'm not your usual drool drool pant pant oh my god that man is sexy kind of girl, but I am human, so allow me this...

My GOD that man is good looking!

Ahem. While I do find the man good looking (sexy, handsome, god-like) what I like most about him is his personality, his comedy, and of course, his hair.

  • His Personality.
    Ah, what a sweetie. He's kind, nice, and of course, full of choked down rage. Aren't we all?

  • His Comedy.
    Who wouldn't love his self-depriciating humor?

  • His Hair.
    Tall and mighty, shimmering red with pride, the pompadour of Conan O'Brien is no less than...the hair of a god. Proving my point futher...

    So enjoy, my friends, the marvel that is Conan O'Brien aka GOD. And come back now, ya hear?

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    I've been obsessed for years, but I only went public with this page in June 1998
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