August 11


Both born on August 11th, Falwell in 1933, Hogan in 1953, each have received cheers and jeers from large audiences, one in wrestling matches, the other in the religious/political arena.

These two Southern boys wanted to be baseball stars but struck out. Both lifted weights to build up muscle: Hogan used his in the wrestling ring; Falwell wrestled with Satan and American morals--as a preacher, he developed his political muscle, backed by the Moral Majority. Both are flag-wavers--while Hogan has worn the label "American Made" printed across his broad chest; Falwell has influenced American politics, pushing for strong national defense. Both became larger-than-life superstars:

Hogan at 6'8" with 24" biceps wrestled his way into extensive TV coverage plus a televised cartoon series and a commercialized Hulkamania. Falwell, not as big physically, muscled his way into superstardom as a controversial televangelist. The hulking wrestler wears as pure a facade as the preacher; he neither smokes nor drinks and counsels his cartoon-watching audience to "say their prayers."

Both were so-called "bad guys" before they became All-American hero types. Hogan used to wrestle as a "villian" under another name; Falwell claims he was a cruel prankster, petty thief, and teen-age gang member before he was "born again."

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