July 6


Both were born on July 6th in New York City, he in 1946, she in 1921.

Stallone fought to the top in the film arena, as did his character "Rocky." Reagan, an ex-film star, gained the highest feminine role in the U.S. as "first lady."

Sylvester was almost named "Tyrone" after his mother's favorite filmstar, Tyrone Power. Power had also been Nancy's favorite actor as a teen-ager.

Neither Stallone nor Reagan were born to wealth or position, but rose in the world through ambitious, dramatic mothers. Mrs. Stallone had been a chorus girl for Billy Rose before marriage; Nancy's mother had performed in George M. Cohan musicals.

After failed first marriages, both mothers remarried into better financial circumstances--Nancy's mother to a Chicago physician; Sylvester's to a Philadelphia pizza manufacturer. Both mothers had true grit, striving mightily to provide the best advantages, including private schools.

In college, both Stallone and Reagan studied drama with acting careers in mind. Both were said to have spun fantasies about their lives, elaborating on facts for the sake of drama.

It's well-known that both have used astrology to guide careers. Stallone's mother, Jacqueline, is a well-known astrologer, while Nancy is famed for having consulted astrologer Joan Quigley for guidance while in the White House.

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