Rose Murray's Celebrity Astrology News--March 1999

Fan Club President Tells All--Maybe

by Rose Murray

Legendary Hall-of-Fame country-music star Ray Price, who celebrates his 50th year as a popular performer this year, is finally writing his long-awaited autobiography. His many fans all over the country will be delighted to know that this top-flight celebrity is ready to reveal his wit and wisdom in a personal and professional story that spans five decades of musical fame.

So says Sandra Orwig, Ray's fan club president of many years who's thinking of writing her own version of her many years as his fan club president. She told me she may call it "The Ray Price I Know." She may have been joking, since Sandra has a great Sagittarian sense of humor. Or she may be serious. If so, it could be pretty interesting since a fan club president often glimpses a side of a performer that few others do. If Sandra does write her memoirs, it will be certain to appear on her new website, the Official Ray Price Fan Club.

When Sandra gave me her birth information, I was struck by the remarkable fact that she's doing a job that only she could do so well. It all shows in a comparison of her chart with Ray's. You see, Ray is a Capricorn with a Sagittarian Moon and Sagittarius rising. Sandra is a Sagittarius with Capricorn rising and Venus in Capricorn.

That means they share a lot of traits in common. For Ray, his Capricorn side comes out in his hard-working and ambitious nature and the remarkable longevity that keeps members of that sign young and vigorous long after other signs have dropped out of the career race.

The Sagittarian side of Ray is probably responsible for his great sense of humor and love of travel. You'd have to love travel to buzz around the country year after year, maintaining the rigorous concert schedule he still follows.

For Sandra, who first became Ray's fan club president in 1961, her Sagittarian Sun explains her enthusiastic, personable nature and warm sense of humor. But it takes her down-to-earth Capricorn rising sign to handle the practical, hard work of dealing with the many fan club members' requests she handles so efficiently year after year.

But there's more. If you know anything about the planet Jupiter, you'll know that if someone has their Jupiter conjunct any planet of yours, you're in luck. Sandra has her Jupiter, planet of benevolence and generosity--plus her planet of communication, Mercury--both right on Ray's own Mercury, the planet that rules his great voice. So Ray's in luck. When Sandra first heard Ray's voice, she felt he was the greatest singer of all time.

That Mercury/Jupiter conjunction of hers right on his Mercury, has made her an enthusiastic promoter of Ray's interests for many years. In fact, it makes her the perfect spokesperson for him in running his fan club. (Update: Sept. 2006--The years have confirmed Sandra's first impressions. Ray was honored last month in Nashville with the beginning of a year-long exhibition of the memorabilia of his career at the Country Music Hall of Fame Museum. At the opening festivities, Sandra was also honored by Ray, receiving a special plaque recognizing her many years of devoted assistance to Ray and his fans.)

You'll find a segment of Ray's life story that I wrote in my recently-released book (1999), MOVING TO SUCCESS: The Astrology of Location. Ray's exit from Nashville to return to Texas in mid- career was a very controversial part of his life story. I used it to illustrate what can happen when a city government changes so drastically that astrologers feel the old city horoscope is no longer valid. How that change can affect a resident of that city is shown dramatically in Ray's story.

2006 update: MOVING TO SUCCESS is now technically out-of-print, but copies frequently can be found for sale on various on-line bookstores, such as, barnes & noble, or ebay--or might still be ordered direct by phoning Llewellyn Publications in Minneapolis at 1-800-THE MOON.