Drew Carey's Move to Success

Anyone who watches the Drew Carey Show on TV soon becomes aware of Carey's strong identification with, and promotion of, his hometown -- Cleveland, Ohio. Just listen to the show's rousing theme song, Cleveland Rocks. That says it all.

It's apparent that Drew likes Cleveland. Not only did he set his popular ABC sitcom in his hometown, but he's so sentimentally attached to that city that he that he even bought and still owns the old house where he grew up. In fact, his home on the TV show is modeled after that house where he lived as a boy with his mother and two older brothers.

With all his enthusiasm for Cleveland, I couldn't help wondering how Drew relates, astrologically, to his hometown. You see, cities have establishment and incorporation dates just as people have birthdays. The birthdates of cities can be compared to the birthdates of individuals and assessed for compatibility between city and citizen.

A look at Drew's chart reveals he was born May 23, 1958, with his Sun in Gemini and Moon in Leo, a wonderful combination for a comedian. Gemini lends wit and quickness with ad libs. The Moon in Leo gives a flair for show business and a love of being in the limelight. In addition, he has a lucky Jupiter aspect that holds the promise of easy fame. In short, success in the entertainment world is strongly indicated in Drew's natal chart.

But Drew may not have found big success in Cleveland, despite his fondness for the town. He had to go where the action was. In his hometown, he worked as a waiter and in small comedy clubs. It was only when he moved to the Southern California area that he achieved his big success. It all started when he appeared on the Johnny Carson show in 1991. That show was broadcast from NBC studios in Burbank, California. In 1995 he became the producer and star of the Drew Carey Show. It is taped at Warner Brothers Studios, in Burbank, California.

What would have happened to Drew if he had stayed in Cleveland? There are several good methods to see if a particular place is really fortunate for you.

One easy way is to see where a city's Jupiter and Saturn are in relation to your natal planets. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune in Cleveland's chart, is in very fortunate aspect to the planets in Drew's chart that are associated with broadcasting. That makes Cleveland a great place for Drew to use as a locale for his TV show. But Saturn, the planet of restriction in Cleveland's chart, might at times cause Drew to feel as limited and restricted in that city as is the character he portrays in his sitcom, an assistant personnel manager in a department store who is stuck in a go- nowhere job.

But what about the aspects for good fortune in a comparison of Drew's chart with Los Angeles where he now resides? They are good, of course, but even better in the next-door city of Burbank. According to a comparison of his planets with the establishment charts of both L.A. and Burbank, Burbank is actually luckier for him. For a residence, the exclusive Toluca Lake area of Burbank might please him. Fellow Gemini comedian Bob Hope has made his home in Toluca Lake for many years.

There's much more about Drew and his change of fortunes when he moved to the Southern California area in my latest book, Moving to Succes. It's a March 1999 release from Llewellyn Publications, now available at your local bookstore, or via mail order from Llewellyn at 1-800-THE MOON.