A Sizzling Duo: Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffth

Banderas and Griffith are both dynamic, dramatic Leos, born only a day apart (but not the same year). I first looked at their charts when American Woman Magazine phoned me in 1997 for an interview. The magazine wanted my astrolgical view of the Banderas/Griffith romance. All it took was one look at the romantic potential between these two charts to exclaim, "This love affair looks too hot not to cool down."

Hot, of course. Leo is a fire sign. Two loving, romantic Leo individuals together can light up the skies with their warmth, passion, fire, and spicy temperaments. But two Leos may or may not get along with each other. With two such strong, dramatic natures, it depends on how willing each is to share the spotlight. Often, they may compete to be the center of attention. Leos are very romantic but also can be easily hurt if they don't receive the love and attention they crave.

But, more important, both Melanie and Antonio had such strong Pluto aspects between their charts that it appeared to be one of the hottest love relationships imaginable. For Pluto in each chart was involved with the love and passion planets Venus and Mars. Some tempestuous times seemed extremely likely.

Normally, members of the opposite sex who have Venus conjunct the other's Mars can expect a compelling physical attraction. But when obsessive, possessive, sometimes power-mad Pluto in both charts is involved with the Venus/Mars conjunction, then expect the attraction to become almost too hot to handle.

You see, Antonio has Venus conjunct Pluto, a love/passion connection that's plain on the screen in his fiery romantic roles. Melanie has Mars conjunct Pluto, even more intense. Now the fact that Antonio's Venus/Pluto conjunction is zodically conjunct Melanie's Mars/Pluto conjunction adds real inflammatory potential. Physically and temperamentally, this combo looked like an astrological atom bomb.

Then when you add the fact that Antonio's Mars squares the combination, sparks fly. The fuse is lit.

Well, I based my prediction on that. So far, I have happily been proven wrong. Not only did these two marry, but they now have a child. It's very possible that what they have together is so powerful that they can't begin to find it with anyone else. Let's hope so.

Also, a potential for longevity is shown in the fact that Leos are members of a fixed sign. They often pride themselves on stability and loyalty.

Madonna and Sean Penn, however, were two Leos whose highly-publicized marriage lasted about as long as a summer storm. On the other hand, Leos Kathy Lee and Frank Gifford have made it through quite a few years and are still married in spite of the tabloid reports of his extra-marital affair.

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