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Robin's Coach's Assistant


Want an easy way to keep your team's records and stats?

Robin's Coach's Assistant is a multi-purpose program that takes the burden out of keeping team records and stats. The program is designed for use at all levels of Baseball and Softball, and can be used over and over again for an unlimited number of seasons.

This program enables you to keep all your team record's (players' phone #, addresses, etc.), schedules, rosters, and statistics in one convenient place.

The program calculates and summarizes each player's performance including Batting Averages, Slugging %, On Base %, Pitching stats, Defensive stats, Catcher's stats, etc.  It provides  individual game stats and season totals for the individual player and also for the total team.

As an added feature it also provides individual player and team totals for each of the Last 3 games, and total for the Last 3 games.  With this data you can see who is on a hot streak, who is in a slump, and who is a consistent performer.

Some of the Features of Robin's Coach's Assistant-Baseball
Calculates Batting Averages Calculates ERA
Summarizes player Performance such as hits,walks,
RBIs,stolen bases,etc.
Summarizes walks, hits, HRs, strikeouts, runs, earned runs
Calculates Slugging Percentages Calculates Innings pitched
Calculates On Base Percentages Calculates # of Wins, Losses, Saves
View/print Player stats by game and for the season. View/print Player stats by game / by season.
View/print Player stats for the last 3  games;by game and total. View/print Player stats for the last 3  games;by game and total.
View/print Team stats for the last 3  games;by game and total. View/print Team stats for the last 3  games;by game and total.
View/print Team Roster for players, parents, fans Totals # of games as Catcher
View/print schedules for players, parents, fans Calculates past balls
Total Won /Loss Record;Home Won/Loss Record Calculates stolen base attempts
Player personal data (address,phone #, parent's) Calculates runners thrown out
Coaches data (address, phone#) Calculates % of runners thrown out
Prints Pitching,Offensive,Defensive, and Catching Records View/print data by game,season, and last 3 games
Put outs by game,season, last 3 games Ability to calculate ERA based upon less than 9 innings if you play less than 9 inning games
Assists by game, season, last 3 games Accommodates "dropped 3rd strike" rule
Errors by game, season, last 3 games Keep stats for multiple teams
Fielding Avg. by game, season, last 3 games Use for an unlimited number of seasons

System Requirements: Windows 95 or later; 486 /66 or higher ( pentium recommended ); 3.5" floppy drive (for installation)

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