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KIT HOOVER hails frim Atlanta, Georgia, which she affectionately refers to as "HOTlanta." Kit began traveling across the United States while in college. Durning the show she had a brief stint with fellow castmate Mark. It is this stint that caused an arguement to begin with her boyfriend at the time Andy. She has been spotted on televisions, American Journal, E! News, and currently can be seen on Fox Files. She has also been spotted in Road Rules videos with fellow cast mate Mark. Kit is the only castmate, in the history or Road Rules, to have known at least one person at every state they stopped in. Kit recently became engaged to her boyfriend Crowley(you can spot him in ESPN sports center.) MARK LONG the Florida college boy was instantly referred to as the "magnum" sized member because of his condom comment in the early episodes of season one. Mark was originally cast in the pilot season of Road Rules which never aired on MTV. Of all the castmates Mark traveled with, he was the most experienced to work in the Real World/Road Rules "biz." Before his debut on Road Rules, Mark was up for Puck's position on the 3rd season of Real World. Mark was ulitimatley turned down for the position becase of his resemblance to the Ken doll. Recently Mark has been seen starring in numerous television pilots and in a Babyface video. He has been spotted in a playboy movie called "Guarded Secrets," and in numerous Road Rules videos with Kit. Mark was the first one cast for his season of Road Rules. During his Road Rules adventure he was nick-named "Big Hair" by Kit. Both Mark and Kit shared a little on-screen romance during the taping of the show(they claim it was nothing more!) ALISON JONES is the once member of the cast who hailed from New York. Alison, who is a good student, decided to take time off from school to enjoy her Road Rules Adventure. On the trip Alison had a brief stint with the Mayor of Nogales, Louie Valdez. It was the cast's duty to get the key to the city by winning the town decathalon. According to Mark "Alison got a little more than the key to the city that night." Appearing on screen with Carlos, the two quickly became well known for thier on-screen arguments. When the show wrapped up filming, Alison admitted that she constanly felt that she was the "butt" of her cast-mates jokes. Alison went further to admit that she was happy her experience had ended. However, she also said that she never regreted a thing! Today Alison is back in New York attending Columbia Medical School. SHe is currently in her second year. She also has a boyfriend(dont worry. . . his name is NOT Louie nor is he the mayor of Nogalis.) You may remember Alisons tatoo of Kermit with the stethiscope. . . .she got is at the end of the trip! SHELLY SPOTTEDHORSE the Native American castmate who intrigued Mark with her lastname. Along with Alison, Shelly had her share of conflicts of with Carlos. Shelly for a brief period of time was Carlos' love interest however that quickly changed with Shellys response. Characterized by her collection of tatoos the audience quickly learned that Shelly was an avid listener of Heavy Metal. Today she works as a clerk for Edmund Motor Freight. She is trying to save up enough money to take the European Vacation with her mother. She is still living in Oklahoma City with her mother. Shelly is interested in going to college and studying Criminal Justice with a focus on Native American issues. She may become a lawyer. Plans to become a lawyer for Shelly seem to be on hold, at least for a little while. At present Shelly no longer works at a freight company. She is currently working in a Drug Store on her reservation. CARLOS "LOS" JACKSON Well what can we say about Carlos or "Carrrrrrrloooooooos," as he preferred to be called upon meeting Alisons mother. Carlos or Los or Carrrrrloooos was arguably the least favorite cast mate of all the cast but was an interesting addition to the first seasons cast. Carlos was an avid photographer and attended Howard University. Carlos recently graduated from Howard University. Congratulations!!!! Of all his interactons he seemed to have enjoyed attacking Shelly and Alison. Many may remember Carlos' shaved head and his famous Indian accent when the crew was in Las Vegas completing their mission.