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April 23, 2001

In RR News:

Road Rules 10 will become a re-incarnation of Survivor. According to an Entertainment Weekly article, if the cast fails to complete a given mission, they will be forced to vote off a cast member. Each voted off cast member will be replaced.

We would like to congratulate Holly (RR9) and Chadwick (RR6) on their engagement. They will be exchanging nuptials on May 19, 2001. We wish them all the luck on their future as a married couple.

In Site News

Road Rules Web is back. We are currently working to bring the site a refreshing look for the premiere of Road Rules 10, this June.

We will be bringing you an interview that was conducted by Road Rules Web, for Tubescan. The interview is from none other than Kit Hoover of RR1. Remember who told you they would interview Kit Hoover first!