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This is for those of us who have had a hard time finding web-sites for companies with recipes containing their products ingredients. I found myself constantly going to the search engines to find one, so decided to put them all in one place for easy access. Click on the links below to go to the ones I have found. I will be updating this page from time to time as I find new web-sites. I know there are many I have left out. Please email me with any you would like added.


Quote - Never eat more than you can lift. - Miss Piggy

BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS - This site has many things going for it, they also offer a Discussion Group.
EQUAL SWEETENER - This site speaks for it's self. Great site for diabetics.
JET PUFFED MARSHMALLOWS - This site has the instructions for the Jet Puffed Marshmallow Holiday House.
M & M's CANDY - You can also send for a recipe booklet. I have sent for and received this booklet....yuummmy!
PILLSBURY - Goodies and giggles with the lovable little Doughboy.
SUE BEE HONEY - Recipes, and you can sign up for a monthly newsletter to get emailed recipes sent to you.
KRAFT - Interactive site with tips, meal planner, exchange board and more.
BON APPETIT MAGAZINE - Mm-mm good recipes.
ARM & HAMMER - A gotta see web-site. Recipes, uses of, free stuff, etc
NESTLE - Toll House Cookie recipe & others, party planer
LIBBY'S - Canned Pumpkin Recipes
CLABBER GIRL BAKING POWDER - recipes and even infor on their NASCAR
CLAMATO JUICE - Recipes, games, downloads and a look at French Stewart, (TV’s 3rd Rock), “spokes model”
HERSHEY FOODS CORPORATION - Are you a Chocoholic? This site is for you!
CHEX CEREAL - Party Mix and other recipes, party ideas, contest and more.
QUAKER PRODUCTS - Recipes and other interesting information.
MALT-O-MEAL - More recipes here than you would think.
SMUCKERS - Recipes, fun and games, and their history.
BEST FOODS & HELLEMAN'S - depending on your local, (West or Eastern USA) There is even a site for users to
HIDDEN VALLEY DRESSING - some very tasty looking recipes here.
WISH BONE SALAD DRESSING - many recipes including, Marinades, Sandwiches, Dips and more.
TOBASCO SAUCE - #!*?@%,HOT!!! Chef Claude says he has “about” 200 recipes up his sleeve.
KIKKOMAN SOY SAUCE - recipes and bulletin board in English and Japanese.

Quote - One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. - Virginia Woolf

GORTON'S - Cooking tips, fish glossary, nutritional information. Not just frozen fish info.
DEL MONTE - Search by meal type, ingredients, etc.. There's even a
KEEBLER - snacks, breads, muffins, main courses, and desserts.
LIPTON - Photo demos of cooking techniques, search tool, chat, personal recipe box, recipe competition, more.
McCORMIC AND COMPANY - Recipe search, easy meal ideas, seasonal recipes, and more.
JIFFY MIX - Click on Product Information for recipes. Informative site.
PEARS - Just pear recipes & info. Even an Enchanted Pear story for kids.
CREMORA - It's not just for coffee. Delicious recipes.
REAL LEMON JUICE - Great recipes!!!
MISSION TORTILLIAS - Cool web site!! Recipes, printable shopping list, search feature, send a recipe to a friend, etc.
WELCHS - Recipes, F.A.O feature, link to grocery coupons & more.
STOUFFERS - Great recipe site. This site also has links to tons of grocery stores.
FOOD RETAILER'S WEBSITES - As mentioned in Stouffers above link.
SARA LEE - Recipes, and you can even send a post card to a friend.
SWANSON'S BROTH - Recipes and ideas for something from the grill, garden and vineyard.
BOLLA ITALIAN WINE - Very nice site! Recipes, wine & food pairings, personal file, share recipes & passion quiz.
ARCHWAY COOKIES - Only 9 recipes, however, they look yummy!
ARMOUR - Lots of pork recipes & a
BALL PARK FRANKS - Recipes under
BERTOLLI OLIVE OIL - Nicely put together site -recipes, history, facts, Q & A and more.
BIRDS EYE - Recipe Exchange, they will help plan your dinner, a search feature, even a spice chart.
BRIDGEFORD - Frozen ready dough. You can order the printed version of the recipes for $3.95.
BUMBLE BEE TUNA - Recipes, games, Kids area, and contest.
BUTTER BALL - Recipes, grilling tips, a lot of other tips, a

Quote - My hour for tea is half-past five, and my buttered toast waits for nobody. - Wilkie Collins, The Woman in White

BUTTER BUDS - Recipes, FAQ's, and you can send for a free sample.
CADBURY - Lucious recipes & USA Recipe Conversion Chart.
CAMPBELLS SOUP COMPANY - Dinner ideas from ingrediences you have, online shop, a game section.
CHICKEN OF THE SEA - Products list, recipes for everything they sell. More than just tuna.
CHIQUITA BANANAS - Yummy banana recipes & lots of history of the Chiquita Banana girl & sticker.
DANNON - Yogurt recipes, games, email cards, sport facts section & more.
DR PEPPER - Fun site! Recipes under
DREYERS ICE CREAM - Recipes, Company Store, games, etc.
FLEISCHMANN'S YEAST - So many recipes, you can almost smell them, also a coupon page.
FRITO LAY - Recipes are under
GENERAL MILLS - Many good recipes here!!!!
GODIVA CHOCOLATETIER - This site is for serious Chocolate lovers!!!
JOLLY GREEN GIANT - Recipes, games, history, Q & A.
HAMILTON BEACH & PROCTOR SILEX - Recipes, party giving tips, contest.
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NOT BUTTER - Fun site! Romance recipes, contest, & Love Guru.
JELLY BELLY BEANS - Cute site, loads of things to see!
JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE - Recipes & something extra for Jimmy Dean racing fans. (Loads of pictures)
JOLLY TIME POPCORN - The good time poppin' place. Loads of recipes & links.
KEEBLER - Mostly recipes on this site.
READY CRUST - Lots of pie recipes, get email recipes, Freee recipe booklett offer.
KELLOGG KITCHEN - Cookbook, cooking tips, health hints, recipe search.