Horror movies had been dead since the 80's, except for occasional movies that weren't all worth being called Horror Movies. When Scream came out, it started a whole new sequence of teen thriller horror movies.

A series of murders have occured in a small town called Woodsboro. Killings seem random, but somehow connected. First a girl named Casey received a phone call late one night. She was by herself, and was expecting her boyfriend soon. When she answered the phone, she first beleived it to be a wrong number, but then she realized how serious it was. The killer plays a game with her, using the now popular frase "what's your favorite scary movie". If she wins his one question, she can save her boyfriend, if she answers it wrong, they're both dead. She answers his question wrong, and they are both killed by a figure wearing a white ghost mask.
The main character, Sidney Prescott, had witnessed her mother's murder, and pointed out who she beleived to be the killer. While more and more people die, it attracts a newsreporter, Gale Weathers. This same newsreporter had covered the murder of Sidney's mom one year ago. Sidney's boyfriend, Billy Loomis, is blamed for the killings and arrested after she is attacked and he is immeadiatly found afterward, with a cell phone. After a while he is set free, but is still a suspect. In the end, Stu has a party at his house, where the final explanation occurs. During the party, Deputy Dewey's sister, Tatum, is killed. When someone finds out at the party that the Principle at their school was found hanging froma flag pole, everyone leaves, except for a few people. At the house is where the finale happens. Dewey and Gale Weathers are both attacked, and her camera man is killed. Then Dewey is stabbed in the back, and Sidney's friend Randy is shot by the "killer". After a few fights, and deaths, it is finally revealed who the killer's are. Sidney's boyfriend Billy had been one of the killers, and when he found out that his dad had been having and affair with Sid's mom, that's why he began klling. The second killer was Stu, but he didn't really have a reason. They planned to blame the killings on Sidney's father, but when they're plan goes wrong, both are killed.

Scream used an element that has not been used in many movies. The had two killers in one costume, and they hid the identity of him, until the end.

In Scream 2, Sidney and Randey went to the same college. In the beginning of the movie, two people are murdered at the showing of the new movie "Stab", based upon what happened in the first 'Scream'. The next murder happens on campus, and the victim received the same threatening phone calls before getting killed as Casey did. This murder brings back Dewey and Gale Weathers to the plot. One by one, all her friends are killed by what seems to be a copycat killer. Randy, who survived the first movie, dies after insulting Billy loomis and getting pulled into a van by the killer. Two body guards are assigned to protect Sidney, and as things get more intense, they decide to move her and her roommate away. On the way there, The same ghostfaced killer attacks them, and kills both security guards and her roommate. After escaping, she runs back to the school. The killer turns out to be Billy Loomis's mother, come back to avenge her son's death. She was working along with their classmate Mickey, who Mrs. Loomis kills also.
The second Scream was not as good as the first Scream; not even close. it didn't seem to have many 'horror characteristics' as the first one did.


This is said to be the Scream that ends the series, and ends everything, and it does in a pretty good way. This one actually came close to Scream 1.

With his success and fame from saving Sidney and his role in the murders, Cotton Weary is given his own show and soon becomes rich. The movie begins with him driving home. he receives a call on his cell phone. At first it appears to be a wrong number from one of his fans, but it turns out to be the killer, demanding to know where Sidney is or he'll kill his girlfriend. Cotton rushes home, but before he can get home, he is attacked by someone who has his voice and pretends to be him. he gets home, and his girlfriend attacks him with a golf club, then she is killed by the same ghostfaced killer.
The killer gives him one last chance to tell him where Sidney is, but he doesn't, so Cotton is killed.
Gale Weathers is asked to help with the murder, and she runs into dewey on the set of Stab 3. Dewey had been hired as a technical advisor, and was now helping with the movie. The next person killed is Sarah, who was on the phone with Roman, the director of Stab. At each murder scene, a picture was left of Sydney's mom in her early 20's. The characters soon find out that the people are being killed in order that they die in the movie. They gather at the actress's house who is supposed to play Gale, when her bodyguard is killed and the power is cut to the house. They begin receiving faxes that tell them what's going to happen, and one of them runs back into the house to see the next fax, and he is blown up when he lights a lighter to read the next line of the script.

Sydney had been living in a secluded house in the middle of the woods, working as a teen help operator, when the killer finds her. She then heads for Sunrise, to see if she can help everyone else. On the set the next day, they find Randy's sister who gives them a tape Randy made before he died. The tape talks about trilogies, and the rules, before it ends aburptly. Gale and a girl from the cast set out to the archives at Sunrise Studios to find out more about Sydney's mom, since they realized that the pictures of her were talken at the studio. They find out she had been in several movies in the 70's, when she disapeared from Woodsboro. next they find out that while working there, she had had a baby.

More and more of the cast is being killed, as Sidney keeps seeing her mom's ghost everywhere.

Dewey and Gale get called to the movie owner's house for Roman's birthday party after filming had shut down. Supposedly the call had come from Sid, but when they get there, she isn't and no one has seen her.

Since the movie just came out, the ending will be given away later.

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