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The movie starts out with a woman stealing money from her boss. She escapes and winds up at a little roadside motel. The owner, Norman Bates, seems friendly and sincere, but he's not all he seems.
She takes a shower, and while she is doing that, she is attacked and killed by what appears to be an old lady.

An investigation of the murder follows, and during it, people keep seeing an old woman sitting in a window in Norman's house located up on a hill behind the motel.

Everyone eventually finds out that Normon killed his mother and has her body in the cellar. He's also a little strange, becuase he kills people and when he does so, he dresses like his mother.


In Psycho 2, Normon is released from the institution and he gets a job. He befriends a coworker, who eventually stays at his house. Normon begins getting strange phone calls and notes from his "mother". Of course, when everyone else picks up the phone or looks for the notes, there's nothing there.

A teenager is also murdered, and his girlfriend reports the murder. When police arrive, there is no body and everything has been cleaned up.

Towards the end, an old woman comes to visit norman. It tunrs out that she has been (along with her mom), trying to get Norman away. The left the notes, and they called him.

The old woman says that she is Normon's real mother, and that she dropped him off somewhere. The woman he thought was his mother was just his nanny. Norman is really nice and makes his dear old mother some tea. There's only one problem, its the tea that he killed his "mother" with, and the tea he'll kill his real mother with, (along with a shovel).

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Here is a picture of the new Norman Bates figure from Todd McFarlane. This picture was donated by The Raven 2 The Raven's Nest. Originally form