The Haunting of Hill House

This Movie is based on the Shirley Jackson book, by the same title.

The story is about a doctor who wants to study fear. He tells everyone who volunteers that they are doing a study on sleeping problems. The group is to be held in the abandoned mansion, "Hill House".

The main character of the movie is a troubled adult named Eleanor. She had lived with her mother in an apartment, until her mother died several months ago. With nothing to lose, she heads for Hill House.

When everyone arrives, the study is started. Dr. Morrow tells the story of the house, trying to introduce the component of a 'haunted house'.

Later at night, Eleanor hears a loud pounding, she runs into the room of the girl she had befriended, (Theo), who is also awake. The pounding continues, and it becomes cold in the room. Witohut wrarning, the pounding stops and is replaced by Luke (relative of the owner of the house) pounding on their door. No one else heard anything, and it is decided that it was the pipes.

Strange things begin happening in the house; Sounds, pounding, and 'hallucinations'. Everything that happens, seems to be centered around Eleanor.

Things get worse for Eleanor, and everyone thinks that everything is in Eleanor's head. She begins to act strangely, hearing children speak to her. As things get worse, the residents realize that they are trapped in Hill House.

By following bloody footsteps, Eleanor finds a book from Concord. As she flips through it, she notices that many of the listed names are crossed out. Through a bunch of startlind discoveries, Eleanor finds out Hill House's secret. She decideds that she must stop hugh crane from killing the ghosts of the mill children again.

Eleanor's behavior causes many bad things to happen. She runs up a catwalks, and makes Dr. Morrow climb up the rapidly collapsing staircase. Luke becomes enraged and tears the painting of Hugh Crane above the mantle. When he jumps off, he is dragged twenty feet into the fireplace, where he 'loses his head'.

Eleanor realizes that she is related to Hugh Crain and his wife. She summons him, and he appears, like a cloud. He gets sucked into hell by demons, and in the process, kills unfortunate Eleanor. Her spirit rises with the newly freed mill children....

My review might sound a little bad because I did not enjoy this movie at all.