Supposedly being thrown into a boiler room explains Freddy Kruger's burned scarred face, but as we find out later; there's a lot more than a janitor who got thrown into a boiler and is pretty mad about it. Freddy Kruger was really a psyco killer. In a room in his house he had multiple kinds of gloves, not just the one he traditionaly uses. Later Kruger became trapped in the dream world, able to hurt and kill people only when they fall asleep. According to the new Nightmare, which explains the "real" explination" of Freddy and why movies were made about him, Freddy is an evil spirit that has been around forever but is kept trapped in the dream world by writing stories and making movies about him. When Wes Craven ended the series, supposedly Freddy began to come over from the dream world, forcing another movie to be made. In the New Nightmare, the only way Freddy could escape was to end the series and do away with his "gatekeeper", the only person left to keep him away from the real world. This person was the girl who played Nancy in the very first Nightmare on Elm St. movie. Freddy kruger is most recognaizable by his scarred face and head, his glove with claw like fingers, his orange and green (or red and green) sweater, and sometimes, his hat.In the new nightmare, He gets a new glove that has bones connecting his claws to his hands.

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