An escaped Killer, "Uncle Anwar", escapes and comes to his nephew's house carrying a knife. He had been teaching them about his ancient lost cult, who worshipped the god, Shitar. He gives them two amulets before running out into a group of cops and getting shot to death.
After that, the two boys grow up learning the ways that their Uncle had taught them. 20 years later, with the help of their bible, the brothers dig up their uncles grave, remove his brain, and bring him back to life as a brain and eyes in a jar.
The brothers and thier "uncle" come back to their diner and set up a station for building a body for thier god so she can come back to life. They kill vegatarians and cut them up. Then they sew them together and spray paint it gold. The brothers kill a nude gymnastics group, a couple sluts, the health inspector, and just girls that come to their diner. The brothers then use the lefty over parts in their diner. At the end, the brothers and thier uncle concoct a blood buffet from numerous strangre things, ex. three dead cats. They then go to a club and hand out overdoes of a pill that makes people hungry. All the people who eat the pills, then turn into hungry mindless zombies. The god takes its body and comes to life, killing one of the brothers by eating his head. In the aftermath, everyone in the club dies, both the brothers die, and Shitar gets away.