Proteus is a 5 piece band from the high desert of southern California, known for their fun, powerful, and destructive live shows. Proteus has opened for big name acts such as My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Missing Persons, and Gene Loves Jezebel. A simple description of Proteus that has stuck is "industrial electro video game alternative rock." Yes, they are even influenced by video game sounds! In 2001 the full length debut CD from Proteus "Dissonance is Bliss" was released. This old school industrial revival consists of 11 songs that can be enjoyed by fans of all types of music.


Proteus was born in 1998 when Jason Mccormack approached keyboardist of Juno Scenario Joe Pagano to record some of his own music. The result was a song called Perfect Whore. Shortly after this, Juno Scenario had to take a break from playing due to their drummer leaving for the Marines. Liking the one song that was created so much, Jason and Joe formed Proteus, with both of them contributing to songwriting and programming. In 1999 Proteus co-released a demo cd with sister band Juno Scenario, a raw & nasty demo. In 2001 Proteus released the debut cd "Disonnance is Bliss." The response was amazing. That year Proteus also had the oppurtunity to open for My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, one of the biggest bands in the industrial/goth genre. In 2002 Proteus also opened for the 80's bands Missing Persons and Gene Loves Jezebel. On 9/29/03, with the future wide open, Proteus came to an abrubt end.

SIGNIFICANT DATES (lineup changes, cd releases, important shows)
mid 1998 - Proteus is born, consisting of Jason M. and Joe
september 1998 - Ian joins Proteus, Proteus plays first show in home town
october 1998 - Jason S. joins Proteus
november 1998 - Proteus plays with Hate Dept.
early 1999 - Ian and Jason S. are replaced by Bruce
may 1999 - Proteus releases demo with Juno Scenario
july 1999 - Proteus plays first show in LA county
september 1999 - Bruce leaves Proteus, Jason S. rejoins Proteus
october 1999 - Aaron joins Proteus
october 1999 - Proteus plays first show in Orange county
october 1999 - Proteus plays with Kevorkian Death Cycle and Luxt
october 2000 - Bruce rejoins Proteus
february 2001 - Proteus plays first show in Hollywood
april 2001 - Aaron leaves Proteus
july 2001 - Dennis Joins Proteus
october 2001 - Dennis is replaced by Justin
october 2001 - Proteus plays with Thrill Kill Kult
october 2001 - Proteus releases debut cd "Dissonance Is Bliss"
march 2002 - Proteus plays with Missing Persons
july 2002 - Justin leaves Proteus
august 2002 - Heath replaces Justin
october 2002 - Proteus plays with Gene Loves Jezebel
april 2003 - Ken Mclaughlin becomes promotional manager
july 2003 - Jason S. is replaced with Myke
august 2003 - Heath becomes the drummer
august 2003 - Proteus plays The Roxy in Hollywood
september 2003 - Proteus retires