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Jewel...The Beautiful Princess

This is My Favorite Princess!!!!!! Jewel Kilcher Is so Beautiful..... I have both of her cd's "Peices Of You" her debut album.... and "Spirit" her last album that was released in Nov. 1998.. I also have her Book Of Poetry "A night without Armor" it is so kool!!!! She was on the January Issue of Rolling Stone As well as The cover of Vogue.. "Glittering Jewel"

In the issue of Vogue there is a picture of her and her Ruggedly Handsome Boyfriend Chris Douglas...

Jewel is soo pretty!!!! Join the jewel web ring!!!!
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Glittering Jewel~!

Jewel has a movie coming out some time in 99' called "Ride with the Devil" It is about the civil war. This is her first movie!!!!!I can't wait to see it!

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Here are some of My Favorite Jewel Lyrics!!!!!

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