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PINEX-PROMET d.o.o.-Zagreb

Pinex-promet d.o.o.-Zagreb, is the trade company, located in capitol of Croatia. The main business of the company is trading with polymer plastic materials, as mentioned in the list of products. Pinex-promet d.o.o. is established in 1994. year ,and in Croatia is working as the distributor of Polypropylene and Polyethylene LD . Pinex-promet d.o.o. is also making the regeneration of polypropylene and polystyrene plastic product , and we are interested to have an steady source of plastic waste in god condition where we organise monthly buying out. You can contact us in english, german ,italian and croatian language on fax/phone ++385 1 3665 928 , or on E-mail:, writting on Mrs.Vesna Pinoza, Managing Director.

What we buy and sell


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