Let me welcome you to my little piece of the internet. I'm not some sort of HTML genius guy so it's going to be pretty basic. Sorry, but if you like web pages that you can look at and say, "oh he must have spent a long time to make this" then you're in the wrong place. I made my logo with Photo Shop, that's all. The sole purpose of this webpage is to pretty much make my bootleg collection bigger...much bigger. This list combines mine and my brothers bootleg collections. All of the Beatles and Marilyn Manson are mine, all the Pearl Jam and Nirvana are his. And In between I have more bootlegs. First off let me explain the rules to my trading.

1. Use only MaxelL XLII Casettes.

2. If I have never traded with you before then you send first, unless you have references My References

3. Do not cut songs off between sides.

4. Be VERY prompt. I hate having to send email back and forth to fix up a trade.

5. DON'T RIP ME OFF! If you do I will find VERY creative ways of getting revenge...Serious

6. If you see anything you like mail me at sgtpepper6@juno.com

Now with that out of the way here is what I am looking for in the bootleg world.

Anything by: Beck, The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins, Rammstein, Marilyn Manson, Bauhaus (especailly '98 tours), Pearl Jam, Nirvana, The Specials, Neil Young, Radiohead, Rage against the machine, Ramones, Henry Rollins (spoken word, or concerts), Black Flag, Beastie Boys, Patti Smith, Tori Amos, and Ska or Swing Bootlegs.

But I'll take just about anything, if I don't like it my brother does. Just don't offer me crap like Spice Girls

Now for the part you have all been waiting for...the list.

MY RATING SYSTEM: C = CONTENT Q = SOUND QUALITY. I rate bootlegs twice. Once on the work put in to finding rare songs, or taping good concerts (C). And for the sound quality of the recording (Q). It's is a five star rating for both catagories. Most everything here comes from a CD source, except for the tapes listed at the bottom.


As Nature Intended ROOFTOP CONCERT: get back, get back, don't let me down, i've got a feeling, the one after 909, i've got a feeling, don't let me down, get back 3. FIRST MASTER TAPE OF GET BACK: Rocker, Save the last Dance for me, Don't Let me down, Dig a Pony, I've got a feeling for you blue, teddy boy, two of us, maggie mae, dig it, let it be, the long and winding road, get back. C= *** Q=***

Come Together: Beatles in the '90s free as a bird (full with wings intro, clapping outro, and backward message reversed), real love (early mix), real love (video mix), strawberry fields (Paul's anthology demo), I will (McCartney, Harrison Starr fragment), derradune (McCartney, Harrison, Starr demo), free as a bird (take one), free as a bird (take 3), real love (take 1), real love (take 4), real love (take 5), real love (take 6), real love (demo), real love, it don't come easy (Harrison), for you blue, the long and winding road, let it be, come together (Smokin' Mojo Filters w/ Paul), while my guitar gently weeps (Albert hall 6/4/92), studio mis-takes. C=**** Q=***

HEAVENLY what a shame mary jane, turn me on deadman, revolution, link track, maharishi, child of nature, i'm so tired, come on come on, revolution, julia, love me like she does, julia, not guilty, look at me (take 1), look at me (take 2), oh my love, sexy sadie, this is some friendly, something to hide, jubilee, colliding circles, sour milk sea, my guitar gently weeps, birthday. C ** Q * (sounds like they put Real Audio saples on a cd)

MORE SWEET APPLES helter skelter, magical mystery tour, strawberry fields forever, glass onion, aerial tour, blue jay way, a day in the life, across the universe, dear prudence, while my guitar gently weeps, child of nature, while my guitar gently weeps, something, let it be, long and winding road, child of nature, old brown shoe, get back, commonwealth, no pakistanis, i've got a feeling, i lost my little girl, watching rainbows, all things must pass. C **** Q ****

NO. 3 ABBEY ROAD N.W.8 how do you do, blackbird, the unicorn, laleny, heather, mr. wind, the walrus and the carpenter, land of gish, (1-8 Paul with Donovan nov-jan '69 while recording Mary Hopkin's Postcard LP) octopus's garden, her majesty, golden slumbers/carry that weight, you never give me your money, oh darling, maxwell's silver hammer, something, because, huge melody 1, huge melody 2. C ***1/2 Q***

UNSURPASSED DEMOS back in the ussr, dear prudence, ob-la-di, ob-la-da, bungalow bill, while my guitar gently weeps, i'm so tired, blackbird, piggies, rocky raccoon, not guilty, junk, julia, yer blues, mother nature's son, everybody's got something to hide 'cept for me and my monkey, sexy sadie, sour milk sea, revolution, honey pie, cry, baby, cry, what's the new mary jane, circles, child of nature, julia. C***** Q****

SOLO IN THE SEVENTIES sun country classic cooler (ringo comericial), it don't come easy (george), she's so in love (ringo), sun country classic cooler (ringo comercial), rock show (venus+mars outtake) imaging (from acetate, no strings), dark horse (george demo), sun country classic cooler (ringo comercial), ranachan rock (wings rehersal), one way love affair (ringo), one to one concert comercials (john, yoko, band), new york city (king biscuit mix), imagine (king biscuit mix) come together (king biscuit mix), give peace a chance (king biscuit mix) C ** Q***


DAYDREAMER Santa Monica Civic Center 11-12-96, devils haircut, novocaine, lord only knows, hot wax, the new pollution, sissyneck, pay no mind, truckdrivin neighbors downstairs, asshole, ramshackle, where it's at, beercan, slow jam, high 5. C***** Q ***1/2

I'M A SCHMOOZER BABY boston oct 24, 1994 instrumental, fume, fucking with my head, good stuff, thunder peel, truck drivin neighbors downstairs, brother, asshole, one foot in the grave, cancelled check, static, spirits, in your mind, rap song/loser, convalescent, sandman, blackhole, beercan. C**** Q ***

CIRKUS stockholm november 24 1996 Loser, Novacane, Hotwax, One foot in the Grave, Where It's at, Devils Haircut Beercan, I wanna get with you, High 5 (rock the catskills) C*** Q****


Pukkelpop Festival 8.25.95: Winnebego, I'll stick Around, Butteflies, Watershed, Big Me, Magic Marker, Weenie Beanie, For all the Cows, Oh George, Floaty, Good Grief Alone an Easy Target, Exhausted. 5.12.95 Butterflies, I'll stick Around, Big me, Watershed, For all the Cows, Alone an Easy Target, Exhausted. C***1/2 Q****


Grunge is dead: Love Buzz (original mix with intro), Spank Thru (Alternate take) Harispray queen*, The Extreme*, Downer* Sifting Jam*, Blew* (different lyrics, *from Bleach sessions), Dive**, Lithium**, Sappy**, Polly**, In Bloom**, Breed**, Stay Away** (different lyrics, **from unreleased Sub Pop Lp sessions) Dased and confused jam, Smells like teen spirit (from top of the pops), Territorial Pissings (John Ross Show), Heart Shaped Box, Rape me (SNL), I hate myself I want to die (outtake), Verse Chorus Verse (from "no alternative"). C*** Q****

The Eternal Legacy: Studio Sessions 89-91 Love Buzz, About a Girl, Polly, Spank Thru, Son of a Gun, Molly's lups, D-7, Turnaround, Dumb, Drain You, Endless-Nameless. X-mas party 1991 Drain you, Aneurysm, School, Floyd the Barber, Smells like Teen Spirit, About a Girl, Polly, Sliver, Breed, Come as you are, Lithium, Territorial Pissings. C**** Q****


GOING INTO ACTION Berlin 1993 take the power back, people of the sun, bombtrack, know your enemy, jfk, township rebellion, genocide, fistful of steel, bullet in the head, killing in the name, settle for nothing, bullet in the head (remix), bullet in the head (live ??/??/??) C**** Q***

Benefit for Mumia Abu-Jamal. Bulls on Parade, Know Your Enemy, Vietnow, Down Rodeo, Bonbtrack, New Song, Ghost of Tom Joad, New Song, Bullet in your Head, New Song, No Shelter, Speech by Chuck D, Killing in the Name. C***** Q*** (this seems to be from an analog source burned onto cd, and ther is a really annoying girl screaming through the whole thing)

John Lennon

MISCELLANEOUS TRACKS Imagine, now or never, give peace a chance, slopin' and slidin', stand by me, imagine, i'm losing you, beautiful boy, I'm moving on, stand by me, slipin' and slidin' mucho mungo (version 1, 2), mucho mungo (version 3), goodnight vienna. C*** Q****


THE MAN THAT YOU FEAR Pittsburg PA may 4, 1997 angel with scabbed wings, get your gun, cake and sodomy, dried up tied and dead to the world, tourniquet, lunch box, sweet dreams, the minute of decay, little horn, apple of sodom, antichrist superstar, beautiful people, the reflecting god, 1996, man that you fear. C***** Q****


Chapters 2cd's: 1: Intro, What?, Answer, Believe you me (radio demos), 7-up, Dollar Short, 'E' Ballad, Weird A, Richard's E, The king, Just a Girl, Road house Blues, Break on through, light my fire (doors), Baba o'riley, Kids are alright (who cover), Sonic reducer (dead boys cover), Dock of the bay (otis redding cover). 2. Intro/not for you, Intro/daughter/american pie, Intro/rearviewmirror, Alone, Crazy Mary (unreleased outtake), Yellow Ledbetter (with victoria williams) , Whipping, Better man, Say no, Bee girl, Satan's Red, Last exit, Hold me, Walking the cow, wash, corduroy, not for you , let me sleep, outtro.C***** Q****

Ballin to Berlin (Neil Young Vocals) 2cd: 1.Big Green country, Song x, Act of Love, Downtown, Mr. Soul, Scenery, Throw your Hatred down, Needle and the damage done, My my hey hey, After the Gold Rush. 2: Band Intron-I'm the ocean, Cortez teh Killer, Powderfinger, Peace and Love, Like a Hurricane, Truthe be known, Rickin in the Freeworld, Needle and the Damage done. C**** Q***


SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE REHEARSALS 1993 jam 1, blue suede shoes, jam 2, jam 3, 20 flight rock, get out of my life 1, get out of my life (reprise), the walk, get out of my life 2, jam 4, biker like an icon, jam 5, biker like an icon 2, jam 6. C***** Q***

BALLROOM DANCING Ballroom dancing, old man lovin, reggae instrumental 1, instrumental 1, crackin up, Nature is calling me, instrumental 2, instrumental 3, reggae instrumental 2, takin on a woman, instrumental 4, instrumental 5, instrumental 6, instrumental 7, instrumental 8, instrumental 9, instrumental 10, pauls jazz experiment. voacals 1, 6, 7 paul 2, 10 denny C**** Q***


MONSTER B-SIDES what's the frequency kennith, bang and blame, i don't sleep i dream, monty got a raw deal, everybody hurts, man on the moon, losing my religion, country feedback, begin the begin, fall on me, me in honey, finest worksong, drive, funtime, radio free europe, tighten up. C***** Q*****

The Smashing Pumpkins

Astoria '94: Rocket, Quiet, Today, Disarm, I am one, Hammer, Geek U.S.A., Spaceboy, Siva, Cherub Rock, Luna, Starla, Never let me down again, Silver Fuck. C***** Q****

Billies Home Demos: Stumbleine, Jupiter's Lament, Lily, To forgive, Bullet with Butterfly Wings, Here is no way, Galapogos, Instramental (pre X.Y.U.), Fools We are (demo), Blank, Rotten Apples, Ugly, Wishing you were here, Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sandness, Meladori Magpie, Thirty-Three, Instramental (Embryonic), Marquis in Spades. C***** Q*****

Melon-Collie And The Infinite Ga Ga Goo Goo: Tonight, Tonight, In The Arms Of Sleep, Cupid de Locke, Thirty-Three, Today, Soma, Take Me Down, Beautiful, Rhinoceros, Rocket, Disarm / Spaceboy, Dancing In The Moonlight, Tonight, Tonight, Cupid De Locke, Thirty-Three, 1979 Tracks 1-11: Kezar Pavillion; San Francisco, USA; 7 Feb 1996; audience; acoustic. 11-12: VPRO studios; Hilversum, The Netherlands; 30 Jun 1993; studio; acoustic. Tracks 13-16: Brixton Academy; London, England; 15 May 1996; acoustic; soundboard. C***** Q*****


Live at the Lyceum 12.2.79: New Era, Do the Dog, Monkey man, oncrete Jungle, Too Hot, It Doesn't make it alright, too much too young, Guns of navarone, Little Bitch, A message to you Rudy, Nite Club, Gangsters, Longshot kick de Bucket, Skinhead moonstomp, Madness, A message to you Rudy, New Era, Gangsters, You're Wondering Now, Stupid Marriage (demo), Braggin' & Tryin' not to lie (limited edition single), Maggie's Farm (B-side), Why? (alternate version) C**** Q****



Banjo Story. Let's go Moon Some Cars, Goin' Nowhere Fast, Talkin' Beck Blues, Sucker Without a Brain, My head is gonna break in 2, Looney Tunes Interlude, You can be so careless, Breakdown, Bottle of Whine, Talkin' Shit Blues, Lonely Boy Blues. C***** Q***

Fresh Meat & Old Slabs. Let's go moon some cars, Goin' Nowhere Fast, Cut in Half Blues Sucker without a brain, Taser Gun, Kill Me, Ballad of Mexico, Fume, Leave me on the Moon, I Fell Low, Satan Gave me a Taco, Heartland Feeling, Big Stompin' MaMa, Steve Threw up, Say can You see, Piece of Shit, Death is coming to Get me, Captain Brian, Go Where you Want, Tatally Confused, Trouble all my days. C***** Q***

6.29.94 Minneapolis MN Corvette Bummer, Color Coordinated, Fuckin With my Head, Motherfuker, Fume, Got No Mind, AzzKizz Powergrudge, Convalescent, Burnt Orange Peel, Scavenger, Bogusflow, One Foot in the Grave, John Hardy, Ballad of Sagolee, Alcohol, Loser, Minus, Blackhole, Spanking Room, Cock, Beercan, BAND INTRO Aroma of Gina Arnold, ? C***** Q***

Astoria, London 11.18.94 Fuckin' With My Head, Thunder Peel, Soul Suckin' Jerk, Color Coordinated, Casio, Maximum Potential, Ziplock Bag, Megaboob, Whiskey Clone Hotel City, Puttin' It Down, Protein Summer, Grinnin, It's All In Your Mind, Minus, Feather In Your Cap, Loser, Touch Of Class, Pay No Mind, Blackhole, Beercan, Motherfucker, Jimmy Carter C***** Q***

7.23.95 Toronto. Ontario, Canada Lollapalooza Cyanide Breathmint, John Hardy, Asshole, Heartland Feeling, Hollow Log, One Foot in the Grave, Puttin' it Down, Alcohol, It's all in your Mind, Improv, Nightmare Hippy Euro, ENCORE MEDLEY: Ozzy, Asshole, I get Lonesome, Satan Gave me Some Vitamins, Mexico, Tatally Confused, Rowboat. C***** Q***

11.11.95 at Spaceland, Silverlake ca older stuff, soundboard: Puttin' it down, Sticks and Stones, Painted Eyelids, Pay No Mind, Alcohol, I wanna get with you, Dead Melodies, One foot in the grave. +filler various songs. C***** Q*****

Live Tilburn Holland, March 18, 1996. Pay No Mind, Cyanide Breathmint, Mexico (pt 1), I get Lonesome, One Foot in the Grave, Truckdrivin' Neighbors Downstairs, Hollow Log, "call me bek", Untitled, Mexico (Pt 2), Asshole, Sleeping Bag, Mexico (Pt 3), Lord Only Knows. C***** Q****

Make Out City 9.5.97, NY, NY. dj intro, devil's haricut, novacane, hotwax, i wanna get with you, tv in the kitchen, sissyneck, derelict, rowboat, ramshackle, one foot in the grave, asshole, commentary, jack ass, where it's at C***** Q*****

11.19.97 at the El Rey Theater, Los Angeles. all acoustic. Light my fire, Peach Pickin time in Georgia, I get lonesome, Red ball specail, Leave me on the moon, Cold Brains, Ella Speed, Totally Confused, John Hardy, Painted Eyelids, Static, Asshole, No money no honey, Dead Melodies, He's a mighty good leader, One foot in the grave, Heartland Feeling, Rowboat, Red ball Special, Ramshackle, Red ball special, Sissyneck, Jack-ass. C***** Q**

12.16.97 El Rey Theater, Los Angeles opening for Bob Dylan All acoustic Waitin for a Train, Lampshade, Cold Brains, Girl Dreams, Sing it Again, Leave Me on the Moon, One Foot in the Grave, Dead Melodies, Rowboat, Little Sparrow (Carter Family cover), Nobody's Fault, He's a Mighty Good Leader, I get Lonesome. C***** Q****

6.6.98 Saratoga Springs NY: Loser, Novacane, Beercan, I want to get with you, Electric music and the summer people, Deadweight, Sissyneck, Diamond Bullocks, Nobody's Fault, One foot in the grave, Jack-ass, Derelict, Thunder Peel, Devil's Haircut, New Pollution, Where it's at. C***** Q***

EMU Ballroom on February 10, 1997 ? Ozzy* Asshole, Regular Song, Impromptu, Grinnin' in Your Face, Derelict, Where it's At, Thunder Peel, Mutherfucker, Jackass. C**** Q***

Beck on KROQ'S Kevin & Bean. Mutations Talk, Dylan/Nelson Talk, Julie in San Fernando, Sherman Block, Cold Brains (song), Nick in Chino (me!!), Diamond Bullocks talk, Sumi from Pasedena, Jerald from Riverside, Dead Melodies (song), Tv/movies talk, Roxanne from Glendale, Marco from ? C**** Q*****

Live At Tokyo, Japan. (Tokyo Rose)12/04/99 Deadweight, Lord Only Knows, Cold Brains, Lazy Flies, Canceled Check, We Live Again, Jack-Ass, Sing It Again, Sissyneck, Diamond Bollocks, One Of These Days, Dead Melodies, Nobody's Fault But My Own, Tropicalia, The New Pollution, I Wanna Get With You, Where It's At, DJ Swamp Solo, Devil's Haircut. C***** Q***1/2

Beck, Live at the Wiltern Theatre, May 8th, 1999 (MASTER)Cold Brains, Lazy Flies, We Live Again, Rowboat, Sing It Again, Bottle of Blues, One of These Days, Tropicalia, Sissyneck, O Maria, Dead Melodies, Girl Dreams, Lampshade, Nobody's Fault but My Own, Jack-Ass, Deadweight, I Wanna Get With You, Devils Haircut. C***** Q***

VARIOUS. Radio 1 session: Cyanide Breathmint, Minus, Static. Fuck Up Session #1, Reading Fest 1995: Pay No Mind, Loser, Asshole, Beercan, 1994 Sessions:, Fuck Up Session #2 (with Thurston Moore & Mike D). Where it's At (U.N.K.L.E. Remix) C***** Q*****



Set list coming when I find it

Bob Dylan

live Cologne, Germany 7-10-94. Jokerman, The Man In me, all along the watchtower, I Don't Believe You, Tangled Up In Blue, I'll Be Your Baby Tonite, Love Minus zero, Masters of War, Boots of Spanish Leather, God Knows, I belive in you, maggies Farm, Rainy Day Woman, It Ain't Me, babe. C***** Q** (sounds a little strange, I mean, strange for Dylans voice.)

John Lennon

THE DREAM IS OVER. Love, Mother, When a boy meets a girl, when a boy meeta a girl, god, god, god, god, well well well, I found out, I found out, My Mummy's dead, My Mummy's dead, Look at me, Mother, I found out, I found out, well well well, Look at me, Look at me. SESSION OUTTAKE: Plastic Ono Band Medley: That's alright mama, Glad All over, Honey don't, Don't be cruel, Hound Dog, Unknown, Matchbox, Jam, REMIX: Love. C***** Q***


11.3.98 Montreal, Canada

Tracklist coming when I have time to figure it out

4.16.99 Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim (MASTER)

Tracklist coming when I have time to figure it out

Marilyn Manson

Mr. Manson's Home Demos: Son of Man, Junk the Magic Dragon, Learning to Swim, IV-TV, Talk of one-though of none, Meat for a Queen, She's not my Girlfriend, Devil in my Lunch box, Number 7, Blood Shit and Cum, Those Fuckin' Bitches, Cat in the Hat, Justify My Love, Strange Same Dogma, Let Your Ego Die. C***** Q***1/2

Resident Evil: Abuse Part 1, Diary Of A Dope Fiend, Shitty Chicken Gang Bang, Kiddie Grinder, Sympathy For The Parents, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This), Everlasting Cocksucker, Fuck Frankie, I Put A Spell On You, Abuse Part 2 (Confession), Scabs, Guns And Peanut Butter, Dance Of The Dope Hats, White Trash, Dancing With The One-Legged, Rock N Roll Nigger, Untitled, Procardia, My Monkey, Choklit Factory 1-17 is the entire uncut version of Smells Like Children that Interscope would not let Manson release. 18-19 demos C***** Q*****

White Trash Vol. 1: Refrigerator Demo Cake And Sodomy, Suicide Snowman, My Monkey, Lunchbox, Thrift, Filth, Wrapped In Plastic, Dope Hat Family Jams Demos Dope Hat, Strange Same Dogma, Thing Maker, White Knuckles, Luci In The Sky With Demons C***** Q*****

White Trash Vol. 2: Lunchbox Demo Dunebuggy, My Monkey, Learning To Swim, Cake And Sodomy, After School Special Demo Negative 3, Lunchbox, Choklit Factory, Cyclops, Demos for a soundtrack, Dreams Of Amputation, Blender, Kill House, Suicide Is Beautiful outtakes Cyclops, White Knuckles, My Monkey, Thrift, Wrapped In Plastic C***** Q*****


Rome 5-2-95. You, Prove Yourself, Planet Telex, Bullet Proof, Creep, My Iron Lung. C**** Q***

Amsterdam 12.4.95 Prologue, The Bends, Bones, Bullet Proof, My Iron Lung, Lucky, Creep, Bishop's Robes, High and Dry, Planet Telex, Inside My Head, Just, Fake Plastic Trees, No Suprises, You, Black Star, (nice dream), Stop Whispering C**** Q***

Live @ The Avalon, Boston, MA 4-13-96. My Iron Lung, Bones, High & Dry, Bulletproof, Street Spirit, Planet Telex, Stop Whispering, NIce Dream, Lucky, Creep, Lurgee, Anyone Can Play Guitar, Just, Blow out, Fake Plastic trees. C**** Q***

"MYSTS OF AVALON" Avalon Farm, 6.27.97, Planet Telex, Exit Music, The Bends, Nice Dream, Paranoid Android, Karma Police, Creep, Climbing up the Walls, No Suprises, Talk Show Host, Bones, Just, Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, Street Spirit. C**** Q****

Amnesty international show 12-10-98, Lucky, Karma Police, Exit Music, Talk Show Host, My Iron Lung, No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, Bones, Paranoid Android, Street Spirit. C**** Q***


1.29.99 Bowery Ballroom, NYC. The New Zero, Sister Sleep, Dwarfstar, Signs of The Zodiac, Things I'm gonna Do, Rose K., Mayfly, Trenchmouth, The Olde Headboard, Dried Up, Tied Up, And Dead To The World (M. Manson cover), Why Don't You Do Right, Leechwife, Diamond Mind, Howard Hughes, Transylvanian Concubine. C***** Q*****

The Smashing Pumpkins

Children of Gotham 6.27.97 Tonite, Tonite, Transformer, Zero, Thru the eyes of ruby, By Starlight, Bullet with Butterfly wings, The end is the beginning is the end, FROM DAVID BOWIES 50the BIRTHDAY PARTY: 1.9.97 All the young dudes, The Jean Genie. C**** Q*****

Live @ the Melkweg, Ansterdam 12-12-95. Poreclina of the vast Oceans, Jellybelly, Zero, Disarm, Today, Fuck You, Thru the eyes of ruby, Where Boys Fear to Tread, Cherub Rock, XYU, Geek USA, SilverFuck. Zero, Bullet With Butterflry Wings (both From SNL 11-11-95), Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Canal French TV 12-10-95) C**** Q****

Neil Young

Best of Acoustic Rarities: Let it shine, Traces,Cinnamon Girl, Everybody knows this is nowhere, Southern man, Alabama, Cripple Creek, Everybody's alone, Country Home, Like a hurricane, Razor Love, Winterlong, Don't pitty me, Nowadays Clancy, Flying on the Ground, The Loner, Hitchhiker, Cocaine Eyes, This note's for you, Just like, tom thumb's Blues, All along the Watchtower, Out on the weekend. C***** Q*

Rob Zombie

Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim 4.16.99 (MASTER)


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