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AIR PENNY IV (1998-1999)

The Air Penny IV has the familiar combination of the heel of Max Air and the forefoot of Zoom Air. This is his first shoe that comes with an unique anti-inversion strap across the top. Released in November, this shoe is set to cost around $140. This shoe may be his most comfortable one.

AIR PENNY III (1997-1998)

Released in October 1997 and 1998, this shoe is slightly cheaper than the Air Foamposite 1, going for $150 US. Air Penny III was the latest technology of Nike shoes with a liquid look... sounds cool and comfortable. Air Penny III has a wicked design with the awesome colors of blue, black and white. This shoe also has a gel cushioning on the heel. The support wing is built into the midsole, this time made of polyurethane, and is colored shiny black, giving the shoe a much more fluid look. It's an extremely comfortable shoe.

Made in June 11th, 1997, this is Nike's most expensive shoe, $180 US, but this shoe is worth it! It has the latest, fine materials to make a powerful shoe that can make Penny comfortable in. The people designed a shoe that wouldn't hurt Penny's toes so they designed Air Foamposite 1. This is the very first foamposite shoe ever made. This sneaker has no rough spots, seams, or stitches that rub the wrong way. This shoe is comfortable as slippers yet still supports to prop up Penny to do his thing. Air Foamposite 1 is a seamless shoe which helps solve the toe smashing problem. The result is a seamless upper and a midsole/outsole that work as one. A carbon-fiber shank plate embedded in the midsole also helps solidify the Foamposite's feel. Avar also added several extra millimeters of foam between the toes and front wall of the shoe for extra cushioning. The colors are same colors as the Air Penny II but this color leaves a shiny, gel effect. Anfernee wore these shoes in the 1997 playoffs.
AIR PENNY II (1996-1997)

This is his most popular shoe and one of Nike's most popular in 1996 to 1997. A really phat sneaker with great designs and comfort. It has a gel cushioning heel and it's very light with great impact protection. The colors are black, blue and white, same as the Orlando Magic's color. It has the Max heel unit and Zoom forefoot unit with the lateral support wing connected to the midsole. A carbon-fiber plate was a big addition, allowing for better forefoot flexibility and spring from the court.

A shoe made just for
Penny in the 1996 World Olympics in Atlanta. This shoe has dazzling designs and comfortable cushioning. The colors are black, blue and white and features Penny's number 6 from the USA Dream Team III on the shoe. It has a shiny, leather Super-Skin upper and was the first Nike hoops shoe with a full-length Zoom Air.
AIR MAX PENNY (1995-1996)
Air Max Penny

This was
Penny's first personalized shoe and it made him one of Nike's most popular endorsers. It came in black and featured a visible Air-Sole unit in the heel and Zoom Air forefoot cushioning. It also had a white CM-EVA support wing to provide stability, which had a clear blue swoosh along the side. The Air Max Penny made the Penny logo on the back bigger, and launched the first Li'l Penny commercials.
AIR WAYUP (1994-1995)

This was
Penny's first shoe that has his Nike Penny symbol. Penny was the very few people to have a shoe named after him. Michael Jordan was the first. The colors are black and blue and it shows the Vis-Air window on the side and the swoosh. The Penny shoe logo is a one cent sign, and he wore that shoe during his rookie season.

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