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One Handed Slam

Another one-handed jam

A two-handed slam

Above the rim slam

Look familiar? This is the most sensational dunk I have ever saw

Dunk Over Zo

An alley-oop slam in the Rookie Game

Slam from the baseline

A huge slam from the baseline

Penny dunks over Shawn Bradley

Anfernee dunks over a player in the Dream Team Olympics

A very nice slam in the Dream Team Olympics

Penny dunks with authority

Anfernee rises to slam over Jim McIlvaine

Penny rises to dunk over a player from Portland

An easy dunk

A huge monster slam from above

Same as above except in color

A slam

A Nike picture of Penny going for a jam

He rises in the air to dunk

Penny executes a one-handed reverse dunk

Anfernee slams with authority

A hard slam while Scottie Pippen watches

A dunk in purple light

A screaming reverse jam

Penny converts a neat dunk from the side