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Welcome to PB Guitar Studio!

My Name is Pebber Brown, and I have been teaching
Guitar and Electric Bass since 1978.
I got my first guitar in 1966 (at age 7) and started
taking lessons shortly thereafater at McCabes Guitar
Shop in Santa Monica in 1967.

I have been playing and studying most of my life and have attended both Berklee College of Music, GIT (formerly Howard Roberts Guitar Seminars), and I am a graduate of the Dick Grove School of Music and have studied music theory, jazz improvisation and composition with the late Dick Grove himself.

I teach mostly fingerboard technique and music theory based on the Guitar and Bass and have had many, many highly successful students.

There are 3 types of lessons available:

1.) Private one-on-one lessons on a weekly basis
2.) Hybrid Lessons - once a month in person and
the rest of the month with internet online and video lessons.
3.) 100% Online Lessons - For people who live a
distance away, we have throrough distance education
courses available in Guitar, Electric Bass,
Musicianship and Ear Training.

The standards of technique that I teach are extremely high and well organized, but you don't have to only work on technique!

We cover LOTS of songs and tunes that students bring in in both CD and printed form as well as many standard songs and chord melody arrangements.

Here is how you can get in touch with me. Call me anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Pebber Brown's Phone numbers:
Voice mail is always on 24hrs! (always picks up on 4th ring)
Toll Free:(800) 275-0797 Local:(909) 399-3104

Guitar Lessons Bass Lessons Online Courses

Pebber Brown - Guitar and Bass Instructor
What you GET when you sign up!
In-person One-on-one Instruction - Course Plans
Hybrid Lessons - In-person and Online Lesson Support
Lesson Pricing & Payment Policies
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Information About Guitar & Bass Lessons:

Beginning Guitar Lessons
Blues and Slide Guitar Lessons
Beginning Electric Bass Lessons
Intermediate Guitar - Rhythm & Chord Playing
Intermediate Guitar - Rock Soloing & Lead Playing
Advanced Guitar Concepts - Scales/Arpeggios/Soloing

What is Covered in the Lessons

Guitar - How to Read Music
Guitar - Music Theory & Fingerboard Logic
Electric Bass - Reading, Reading Reading!
Electric Bass - Technique & Slapping
Musicianship Lessons - Reading Rhythms
Musicianship Lessons - Rhythms
Musicianship Lessons - Intervallic Ear Training
Musicianship Lessons - Harmonic Ear Training