** pictured at 10 years old **
Am/Int'l Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT ex Golden's Gracious Gidget, CGC TT
born August 1995

**written by Jake's ever devoted human father, Keith Stiver**

It is with a heavy heart that I must inform all those important in his life that Paw Print's Rockin 'N Nite Away was mercifully put to sleep on June 9th in his bed at the home of co-owner Song Tang in New Jersey. Due to his age and the eventual deterioration of his quality of life it became necessary to intervene to prevent unnecessary suffering.

Jake was born on August 25, 1995 and lived just two months shy of an incredible 14 years. He was an 'all California' AKC champion where he was particularly known for his movement.

In life, Jake had his favorites. I was fortunate in that I was picked as his favorite person, the one he wanted to live with, and while this may seem like just a story I promise you it was not. He chose me, not the other way around. However, he let me know that it was a good idea to stay on my best behavior as there were other favorites with whom he could easily replace me. He also was particularly fond of Sonda Peterson, his favorite handler and, in his life after AKC, he would always perk up and look when someone mentioned the name “Sonda”. Of course his breeder, Christina Ghimenti, also always had a special place in his heart. Oh and then there was Rosie, the dame to his only litter. Truthfully, Jake made just about everyone he met feel special.

Jake distinguished himself while training as a trailing dog in Search and Rescue, failing to reach certification only because of divorce court judgments that forced shared ownership. Jake ran trailing exercises from San Luis Obispo in the south, to the city of Cool, California in the east and Humbolt National Forest in the west. He once received clearance to participate in search training on N.A.S.A. property. He was a veteran of many helicopter rides and rode on birds belonging to East Bay Regional Parks, the Coast Guard and CHP. He traveled through most western states in the front of a Dodge Pick-up and, of course, lived on both coasts due to his shared ownership. It is no understatement to say that Jake lived a fuller life than some of the people who admired him.

I have attached a photograph provided by Song taken just a couple of weeks prior to the veterinary medical intervention which ended his suffering and left me, his “Pal” to finish this journey without the benefit of his wise counsel and loving comfort. Even as he grew close to death his eyes and mind remained clear and his spirit unbroken. In Search and Rescue, in AKC, and in life, Jake was not the weak link on this team.

Taken 2 weeks before saying goodbye

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Health tests:
SAS/Cardiac cleared by Board Certified Cardiologist
CERF (eyes)


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