Questions That You Should Not Ask

I have been involved in Boxers for over 10 years. I have had a public website for about 6 years. Since I am heavily involved on the web, in the show ring, in print, in the whelping box and with my local Boxer breed club, I am on everyone's list for Boxer breeder and Boxer stud referrals. This equates to me getting several calls/emails asking about Champion Stud service. While I strive to a responsible breeder, I equally strive to be a responsible stud owner. I try to chose females I believe my males can have a positive impact on and a breeder I am comfortable dealing with. And while I do not believe every breeder has to be active in the show ring, I do believe they must be active in Responsible breeding. There are no shortcuts to being Responsible. And since most breeders look to me to help find those wonderful homes for their pups sired by my males, I need to be comfortable promoting the breeding to those that trust my opinion.

1. "I never registered my female"
      Then I am sorry, but I cannot help you. Without AKC registration, you have no proof that your Boxer is a purebred. There are too many stories and scenerios as to why people tell me their Boxer is not registered. But the bottom line is I have an AKC Registered Champion male. There is no reason for me to even consider breeding him to a female that is not AKC Registered as a purebred Boxer.

2. "My Boxer female is white"
      Then I am sorry, but I cannot help you. White is a disqualifying coat color by the AKC Boxer Breed Standard. A White makes a fabulous pet, but they should not be bred. This is a matter of Ethics on my part as well as all Responsible Boxer breeders. If you have a white female, please just spay her and love her.

3. Stud Fee or Puppy Back
      My first preference is to have my stud fee paid. You are the breeder of this litter and you should be entitled to those puppies. Once in a while I have taken first pick puppy if offered and if I thought a pup from that breeding would work in my own showing plans. If the offer is made, I will make my decision.

4. Registering White Boxers
      As a member of the American Boxer Club, I do not register White Boxers nor will I sign a litter registration that contains White pups in the total count. I state this in my stud contract. As the stud owner I will help you find a fabulous home for that white pup with the understanding they will be spayed/neutered as soon as it is safe to do so.

5. Provide information on your female
      Please do not just contact me and state you have a female to breed. Instead, give me as much information on yourself and this female as you can. Here are some basic things I need to know:
*Why do you want to breed this litter?
*Where are you located?
*How old is your female?
*Any litters in the past?
*AKC registered?
*Who are her parents (registered names)?
*Who is her breeder?
*What health testing has she had done?

6. Health Testing
      Please give me full information on the health testing. I need to know which specific tests your female has had and what the results were. Since you are asking to integrate her with my own proven Champion lines, I need to know this important information. And as a Responsible breeder, you should welcome the chance to brag on her health clearances.

7. "How much can I sell the puppies for?"
      I understand this is an important question, but if it is one of the first things you ask me then it shows Money is your main reason for doing this breeding. I do not believe in breeding strictly to suppliment your income. As well, this usually means folks will take shortcuts with the care of the litter in order to preserve making a profit. I am sorry but I just can't contribute to such a situation. If I have approved your female and feel confortable with the breeding, I will easily give you such tips and assistance to selling the puppies. That is part of my responsibility as the stud owner.

8. Co-owner?
      Do you own your female outright or do you co-own her with another party? While co-ownership is not uncommon, it means all parties must sign my stud contract and AKC puppy registration papers.

My final thoughts:
      Please do not lie. People lie to me all the time. They lie about the lineage of their female. They lie about the health testing their female has or hasn't had. They lie about titles and/or show wins their female has. They even lie about the female's age.

Please do not lie about your female being co-owned. I have been the victim of having a co-owned female being bred without my consent. It is not a good situation to be in and usually means the co-owner will withhold their signature. This means the litter cannot be registered. It also means a huge amount of ill will towards the breeder who tried to sneak in this breeding and the stud owner who did not think to even ask. I am basically asking people to try and involve me in any type of breeding that is not 100% legitimate with all owners of the female.

Now, the best question, "Why should I care about what you have just told me?".
Why, indeed. Well, the answer is you have seen my Boxers and are drawn to them for any number of reasons. You would like to open your home up to a new Boxer litter and are hoping it will be sired by a PawPrint male. You can see the success that particular male has had producing top quality pups. You are impressed with the health testing and temperament titles my dogs hold. You basically see some very pretty Boxers and you want to be able to breed pups just like those on my website. When approaching a top quality Champion stud owner to ask for stud service, it is kind of like trying to get a job when you know there are a ton of other qualified applicants.

Folks, just because you say "money is no object" does not mean I am impressed. While my puppies obviously do have a price, they are not up for sale to the highest bidder. Just because you assure me you are a fabulous home does not mean I am impressed. I will be intrigued at best. The breeder I am looking to work with is someone just like myself. I have a firm committment towards both my own Boxers and the breed as a whole. I want someone who can appreciate why I am as choosey as I am and be patient with the process. Never doubt I do not love my dogs and never doubt the decision I make for each new home is one of the hardest I will ever do; each and every time. Regardless of wether I bred that litter, or that litter was sired by one of my boys.

Christina Ghimenti

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