PawPrint's Diamond Diva
Am/Int'l Ch Rosend's Booker T, SOM CGC TT ex Am/Int'l Ch Rosend's n PawPrint's New Year, CGC TT
born March 29, 2001

Pictured above at 10 months, Diva is maturing into a very promising young girl. Diva is the spitting image of her lovely mother, Penny. With dark eyes, a strong rear and an incredible head, Diva is a clear stand out. She has wonderful rear movement. And if all that does not grab you, her dark sweet expression will completely entrance you. This girl is truly a "Diva" and a complete testament to her breeding.

Diva and her Boxer friend, Desi.

Unfortunately, those entrusted with Diva's care decided to not show her for unknown personal reasons. She was shown only 1 weekend as a youngster. This is a shame because I could see her finishing her Championship in record time. There are no words to describe my disappointment at this missed opportunity by those that misrepresented themselves to me.

As a responsible breeder, you pour your heart and soul into that promising litter. You work 24/7 to raise the pups, keep momma healthy and then interview homes. You take the very best of your litter and look even harder for just that special home. You spend hours speaking with someone that seems to have that same spark that you had yourself when you first started. They make promises of goodwill, you make promises of goodwill. You entrust this person with your precious quality puppy with a warm feeling of new found friendship and having a new family member.

Then dark clouds come. The original story given you quickly falls apart. Lies are exposed. More promises and assurances are given which quickly turn into even more lies. Communication is broken. And in the end you have lost being able to protect a very innocent puppy who trusted you to make the right decision over their new home.

As I said, there are no words to describe my disappointment over those that first asked for my trust in placing Diva with them.

My beautiful Diva pictured at 5 weeks old in my home

pictured 3 weeks old

Christina Ghimenti - PawPrint Boxers

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