Oh no come on. You surely do not want to know about the woman behind the Boxers. Well, for those that are curious, I will give you a little bit about myself.

I never owned a dog growing up. I see shock on your face. My parents did not particularly like dogs, though I don't know why. We always had a family cat. These were always rescue cats of whom I have fond memories. My father instilled in me a strong committment to care for animals. I also had a few pets of my own including fish and birds. All through my school years I played the violin. I actually became quite good and won some school competitions. I still have a violin though I only bring it out on occasion to amuse the dogs. I also was an amateur coin collector and vocalist.

When I moved out on my own, I fell in love with birds. While I was busy collecting and loving them, I also brought home a 7 week old Maine Coon cat; Smokey. Yes, the same Smokey on my website. She has been with me her full 14-1/2 years. I had cockatiels, finches and parakeets. Smokey would try to eat the smaller birds but had a healthy fear of the larger ones. Cockatiels will stand up for themselves and taught her some valuable lessons as a kitten. I also got more involved in music. I taught myself to play the keyboard, purchased a full-size one, and wrote music. With my solid background from the violin, I had a good base to branch out from. Friends would come over for jam sessions which we would record then rip apart later. A few times we got roaring drunk and then started to write music. Playing back those tapes was pretty funny with some of our ideas being surprisingly good.

Some time later I met and fell in love with my future husband. As we prepared to move into our first apartment together, he said I would have to get down to less birds. He was not fond of Smokey, but she was staying with me. I found wonderful homes for the birds and kept my 2 cockatiels. I also had an aquarium and kept that. Ken and the cat slowly warmed up to each other. They are buddies now since Smokey really is a great cat. My Cockatiels were my best friends. Rocky and Ashley were a mated pair that could never quite get it right. After a couple of years of trying (it really was funny) they got it right and had a clutch of eggs. Sadly, Rocky died of a heart attack while laying on the eggs. Ashley was a horrible mom and would not attend the hatching eggs. They started to hatch and die within a day. It was quite sad but made the decision to not put her with another male. Ashley suffered a stroke of some kind when she was older. She had symptoms I won't go into and it was sad. I helped her the best I could but there was little anyone could do. After 6 months of touch and go, she decided she was going to make it. Unfortunately she was quite shakey and had a hard time perching. She would sleep in a food dish since it was easier. We nick-named her Katherine Hepburn because of her shakiness. She died when she was just over 9 years old. I had had her since she was a few weeks old from a private breeder. Her passing was a great sadness to me since I had obviously become quite attached.
As an update, Smokey left us September 2002. AT 15-1/2 years old, she developed Chronic Renal Failure and went downhill quickly. I took her for her last car ride to Dr Stone where she was released. Smokey had been a good friend to humans and canines. My Boxer, Penny, was particularly attached to her kitty. From 7 weeks old to 15-1/2 years old, Smokey was a fabulous buddy.

During these times I brought my first Boxer into the house; Crystal. I joined the East Bay Boxer Club and quickly became actively involved in my club. A year later I brought home Booker T and the rest is history. These days I am showing my Boxers on weekends. When I have a break from shows, I will also take in a coin show or perhaps a car show with my husband. I have slowly built up my coin collection and have always keep my eye on what is going on in that world. I will occasionally spend time on my keyboard and curse over my lack of practice. The dogs think my violin practice is quite amusing. I will break out my karoake machine and practice until I get a song just right. I also have a lovely garden I enjoy attending and keeping Boxer-safe. To boot, I have a full time job to support my various hobbies. I have finished 10 AKC Champion Boxers. My most recent litter was born March 2001 from my Champion female, Penny. Of that litter, 2 are Champions and a 3rd is pointed. My husband is a wonderful man and on April 2002 we celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary.

As Jimmy Stewart would say: