1954 Wrestler Eric Yukon and his Boxer dog "Tex"

Cover photo: Wrestling As You Like It Magazine - August 28, 1954

Yukon Eric is probably best known as the wrestler who lost part of his ear during a 1952 match to Wladek 'Killer' Kowalski. But there was much more to his career than that one match. In bare feet and blue jeans, 'Yuke' was an incredibly powerful man with a massive 66 inch chest. His strongman talent led to finishing holds like the Kodiak Krunch -- a backbreaker on the shoulder, or a bearhug. For effect, he would whip his opponent into the ropes so that they would bounce back into his huge chest. Yukon used a clothesline for a belt, and always wore plaid wool shirts, worn open to show off his chest.

Eric had a boxer dog named Tex and Eric's trailer was next to a quarry that was filled with water, it was winter time and the quarry was frozen over. Tex had run out over the ice and fell through. Eric then jump through the hole in the ice to try to save the dogs life. Eric nearly drowned and was rescued by the fire department. Eric cried for weeks over the death of Tex.

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