Clark Gable - pencil drawn artist sitting
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Approximately 1940

This is a one of a kind, hand drawn sketch of Clark Gable and his Boxer dog.
It is part of a large private collection of original sketch work by Fred W. Albers.
This photo is generously shared by Lenore Ryan whom is his daughter.

"My dad, Fred W. Albers, (1920 - 1979) had no formal training as an artist, but he drew fantastic pictures. He drew this picture of Clark Gable and his boxer in 1940 or '41 while he was in the service as an aircraft mechanic during WWII. Unfortunately, all of his drawings are on paper that is disinagrating. My mom wanted to throw them away, but I rescued them and am now putting them behind glass. (My mother has personal photos of Clark Gable at the same army base my father was at.)"
Lenore Albers Ryan

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