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i remember getting these for chrismas one time. they were the cutest things!!!! i loved them!!!! the were much much bigger back then in the good ole dayz*laughz*

i dont know what happened to em.....sux. they probably in storage getting ruined. the my lil ponies now a days arent as good(in my opinion) as the ones back then.

i remember watching the show and i would sing along with their song and it was so neat!! i only watches the earilier episodes because i didnt like it when the ponies where playing volleyball and stuff. sorry but thats my opinion.

there are sooooo many ponies that a doubt i could name them all so... i WONT hehe... this is just like a lil shrie to my childhood passion... if you have n e back ground or pix of mlp'z please PLEASE send them my way as u can tell i REALLY need em!

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