One Eye Open was the defintive muscial group of the 20th century. While I used to make up a band history (pieced together from bits and pieces of conversation that I eavesdropped on), I can't be sure as to where they started. The only thing I can base my OEO interpretation on is the timeline in the liner notes of "Hellaut!" Marco started it, I know that much. Kevin now continues to try to make it happen. I also know that much. One day, I'll actually find out a real history. Just make up a history of the band if you want, it's pretty much all the same to them.
  • Kevin Smith AKA Kebin Seven: Lead vocals and "revolting upstarts"
  • Marco Deraney AKA Marco De-Looney: Da bass guitar and all around merry old fellow
  • Tim Owens AKA TimO AKA BeerGod: Guitar and beer
  • Bender AKA Cocky Bender: Drums and passing out
  • Rob: Bass when Marco left. This guy gets no recognition, but he deserves it! If you ever see him, say "Hey, you're Rob" and he'll smoke you out. Whoo!

One Eye Open had a good run through the years, making all sorts of friends and enemies across the United States. One such enemy is Unsteady, who pulled a gun on OEO at a Punk Rock Denny's. It's hard to define OEO as any one type of music. While they have been called a ska band, OEO leans more towards the heavy metal side of music bringing together all sorts of different musical genres into one. The guitarical (is that a word?) genius of Tim Owens led to metal and ska riffs in their songs, and OEO even had horns on the split with JAA. They also led the NFL in points scored and attempted two-point conversions. One Eye Open toured under the pseudonym of "Glass Calendar" and made all sorts of disabled children happy while playing their funkadelic sound for the masses. Unfortunately, the madness had to come to an end and it did in June of 1997. Many mourned the passing of One Eye Open but, fear not young Skywalker, rumors are floating that One Eye Open may reform and take to playing for us all once again. Until that day comes, however, the world will have to wait and see.

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I miss OEO, what happened to dem?