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The Third Tit

Hedonism III or Hedo 3, the Pleasure Island of Jamaica and home to The Third Tit. Thank you for visiting The Third Tit web site, the largest Hedonism III web site in the world! The Third Tit is driven to going deeper than you ever felt comfortable going at Hedonism 3. Established in October of 1999, Third Tit is dedicated to giving you the truth about Hedonism 3. Unfortunately, the stories from the Naked City are delayed because of the following:

Apologies to Gary Larson

Hedonism III, Jamaican Paradise
TTT Crew

  • John and Cherre
  • Mike and Mona
  • John and Victoria
  • Joe and Audrey
  • Hedo 3 Liaison Simone Sutherland
  • Bob and Sher
  • Bill and Nancy
  • Effie and Mark
  • Bill and Nancy, Mayor and First Lady of Hedo III
  • Hedo Special Person, Nola of Scotch Bonnett
  • The Third Tit Wedding Coordinator, Christina Smith

Somethings are always a changin' and some things never do. Hedo III now has a brand new duty free gift shop building. There is also now a casino on site. The water wheel continues to remain broken!

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Kevin Levee, Hedo III general manager greets The Third Tit, October 2000.

The Third Tit at 1999 Board Meeting at Hedo III

Who Let The Dogs Out? Woof Woof!!

Courtesy of Gary Larson

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